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The Documentary

October 7, 2008 | 5 Comments

Dear Mr. K.,
I have been a fan of your show for quite some time. I had the opportunity to view the documentary made about you at the RI Film Festival a few weeks ago. Apparently it was the East coast premiere... what a great movie! The theatre was filled with other fans...I haven't seen so many dorky white folks in one place in a long time! (me included....) I have not been able to attend a live show --- it's tough to leave the beautiful "Ocean State" in the summer, but even tougher to head for St. Paul in winter! I'm going to work on it, though...

Laura B.
West Kingston, R.I.

Glad you liked the Peter Rosen documentary. I haven't seen it. But I imagine it's good because THE MAN CERTAINLY TOOK A LOT OF FILM IN SHOOTING IT. He was in my house, in my car, backstage at the theater, and like all photographers or videographers, he wanted more, more, more. A truckload of videotape. Me tying my shoes. Me putting yoghurt on my bran flakes. Me blowing my nose. I think he learned about video documentary from Andy Warhol. And of course after he had invested weeks and weeks and weeks in shooting the thing, I couldn't very well tell him to stop, so on and on it went. (I believe he started filming in the summer of 1969.) Endless. And each time I got divorced and started a new family, HE HAD TO GO BACK AND SHOOT EVERYTHING AGAIN. It drove me almost out of my mind and my mental health was precarious to start with. The lawsuit, I am confident, will be settled out of court. I struck Peter, but very lightly, just a slap in the face and a kick in the shins, and why he is asking three-point-six million for mental anguish, I don't know, but if we go to trial, I will have plenty to say about mental anguish. The man took years out of my life.


I know what Laura means about the "dorky
white folks" in the audience -- that's
one reason I always make sure to
purchase tickets for APHC the first
day they are available online for
the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.
It's a thoughtful audience, just
like the "star" of the show.
I wonder where one can see the
documentary? Will it be available
at my local "artsy" theater, or
perhaps downtown?
On another note:
I spent a week in R.I.(sailing in
Newport Harbor) last summer. It's
a wonderful place and I hope to
return someday.
San Clemente

Just finished reading "Liberty" while waiting for the fish to bite my line while fishing Lake of the Woods, Kenora, Canada. Another great job of keeping us posted on the people of Wobegon. Also appreciate your thoughts in your weekly column - we think so much alike, but then being born and raised in Wisconsin, your neighbor, guess it was inevitable.

You are a very funny man and I am so grateful for you in this life. Sincerely,
Stillwater (where it runs deep)

I think you are one of the coolest guys around. We even went to see APHC when you came to Charleston, SC a few years back. That being said I'm still a little miffed at you coming down so hard on the Harley Guys in Washington. I think they all love America and figured riding around the capital was a great way of showing it. I sort of get it that you don't like a few people up there. That's understandable, personally I think we should throw the whole bunch out and start over (including the ole Geezer and the Skinny guy). Lighten up, we are all Americans. I bet most of those bikers when they were young kids got sent to Vietnam and know first hand what it's like to be dumped on by the government. Still they love America, as we all do. By the way, I've been to Anoka. My friends Pam and Monty live there. Nice place. Come back to Charleston and see us soon.

Your friend,
Steve K.

What is the name of the beautiful melodious number that was on the first half of Oct 11, 2008 show? Believe it was a Chopin piece. Thanks. It was a great show, as usual.

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