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GK for Prez?

August 28, 2008 | 12 Comments

Dear Garrison,
Have you considered running for president in 2012? Think about it, would you? I know you're busy, but maybe by 2012 we'll be ready to "get up and do what needs to be done". You're just the person to help us do that.

Karl F.
Sebastopol, CA

Karl, I think we'd better do the right thing in the fall of 2008 and not wait for 2012. And I'm not the person to do it. I am lacking in patience, I have a low tolerance for meetings and organization, I do not do well in confrontational situations, I am thin-skinned, impulsive, poorly-informed about most of what a president must deal with, such as hedge funds—I honestly don't know what they are. And nobody can be elected president who wears red socks and red shoes. On the other hand, I am tall and wear glasses and am able to impersonate sagacity, but it's all window dressing. Your trust is misplaced, sir. I owe it to the American people not to serve and I intend to continue not serving.


I agree 100%. I have often thought Mr. Keillor would make a fine candidate. Heck, if Mr. Ventura can do it...

I agree with GK. His time with us is better spent with us on Saturday evening, than on our TV's 110 per-cent of the time.

Well, you know what they say... those who desire power are those least capable of correctly wielding it. Perhaps the converse is also true. But you can't force a Lao Tzu to be a king, nor George Washington. They were too wise for that...

"They also serve who only stand and wait."

I was hoping for a runoff between you, Paris Hilton and Dave from 'Will it Blend". Please reconsider, maybe Paris won't run again in 2012.

I cannot imagine a worse fate than being elected President. Oh, the horror! Can you imagine having to spend 4 years living in a museum and drinking white wine with a bunch of pretentious cretins - I'd rather have a beer at the corner bar with fellow tax payers.

If a person who wears red shoes can be Pope, why can't a person who wears red shoes (and socks) be President? ALLL MEANS....Stay where you are....We NEED YOU EACH AND EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT to KEEP US SANE !! We Need you on the RADIO!!..
Thanks for ALLL you do for us...and Always keep wearing those RED SHOES AND SOCKS....That makes you unique and ONE step UP from the POPE!!
Loved your show this week at the Minnesota State Fair...It makes us FEEL like we are there with you!..Loved the "food tasting" segment...It was YUMMY!! I could taste all of the good food with you...!!
Christine Scherr
Fort Collins, Colorado!

My high school had a Millard Filomre Day could you do worse?

Yes, yes. My husband and I ask ourselves all of the time why Garrison doesn't run for president, but after how the country's been going for the last twenty years, the answers are all too obvious. Mr. Keillor really would just want to lie down in the booji grass and die...

Of course Garrison doesn't want to be President.
He is much too fine a fellow, not to mention smart and literate, to be hanging around with what is probably the worst selection of candidates that this country has seen in the last 50 years. I am truly having a hard time deciding who to votefor this time around. My only true decision was made for me when Sen. McCain picked Gov. Palin for his running mate. Whether he did it himself or the Republican National Committee did it for him, my question is "Do they really think we are THAT ignorant?" Tell the truth, would you want her that close to the presidency, just in case good old John slipped off to his lasting reward. OOOOOOH, the horror!

I too wish that Garrison would run for president. He has all the qualities that are required and much more wisdom than most of the candidates. But I'm surprised that he says he is incompetent for the task. Since WHEN does competence have anything to do with it? From the current choice of certain candidates it seems that incompetence is actually a prerequisite.

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