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August 25, 2008 | 2 Comments

Dear Mr. Keillor,
Do people follow the Olympics in Lake Wobegon and if so what do they make of them?
I find the coverage melodramatic and jingoistic myself.

Monika S.
Greenwood, SC

People have watched some of the Olympics but it's a busy time, Monica. The corn and tomatoes are coming in and must be dealt with and there are children to pack off to school and also these summer nights are so sweet and languorous, people want to sit outdoors, not in front of a TV screen. The women's horseshoe event has gotten a lot of comment, though, and so has the mixed doubles egg toss. This is an event in which a man and a woman toss a raw egg back and forth, taking one step back for each successful catch and in Beijing the Canadian team was hurling the egg almost 200 yards, a new record. It certainly set a new standard for egg tossing.


200-yard egg tosses--nice! Were they eggs from Babe the Blue Ox?

I'm glad someone saw my Canadian egg toss team in action. For the first week we had zero medals won by Canadians and we were getting down until we discovered that some Olympic sports are not real sports. Get some new sports. If beach volleyball can be an Olympic sport, why not have Back Yard Badminton Most of us played this at the cottage or out in the yard using a $5 badminton set. What about Lawn Darts? I'm not talking about the sissy darts you buy these days, but the original ones with the dangerous metal tips. Don't forget that we can have individual as well as team competition. Don't ignore Horseshoes This one should have been in a long time ago. The Hula Hoop is a classic and at least as creative as ribbon waving gymnastics.

There is now a movement afoot here in the great white north to straighten out the IOC and get the medal total up to a more acceptable level.

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