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Gospel Birds

August 11, 2008 |

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On the "Roadside America" Web site is a story of Wendall Hansen and his "Bible Birds" that performed at churches for over 50 years. He passed in 2002 but the bird act is still going on. I was wondering if they had been any part of the inspiration for your bird stories? Love your show, started listening in 1979. Thanks.

Sidney E., Jr.

I have the greatest respect for the Bible Bird show in Noblesville, Indiana, but I would point out that their act includes sword-swallowing, a flag-raising, and birds rescuing another bird from a burning building, none of which seems to me to have any relevance to the Bible, whereas the Gospel Bird show of Ernie and Irma Lundeen was entirely Scripture-based and included the Flight of the Dove from Noah's Ark on which thirty birds were dressed up as various animals. And there was a Rapture scene as well, and the birds took up the collection, flying around the room and picking up currency from the upraised hands of the congregation. So you can see that the Gospel Birds set a very high standard indeed. I am sure that a cockatoo who can swallow a sword is quite a thing to see, but you could offer that at a floor show in a Las Vegas casino. The Lundeens' show is definitely superior, at least for Sunday night church programs. My honest opinion.

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