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August 4, 2008 | 2 Comments

Mr. Keillor,
Have you ever had a request to officiate a wedding? I love your voice and deliverance, and think you would make wedding vows sound even better than they already are.


The vows are for the wedding pair and having a big hammy guy officiating is not a good idea at all, my dear. The officiator should be a quiet efficient person, a slightly stooped person with wire-rim glasses, not a comedian. The spotlight is on the two people who are on the verge of making the big leap.


I assume the writer meant to compliment your "delivery", not your "deliverance". "Deliverance" is a synonym for "redemption", not "eloquence". When I think of "big, hammy guys" in the context of "deliverance", the phrase "squeal like a pig" comes to mind.

As a bag hammy guy who's done a lot of weddings, I'm not sure how to take this. :)

Rev. Matthew Baugh

PS: Actually I agree completely about where the focus of the wedding belongs. To my credit, I do wear wire-rimmed glasses.

As for you performing weddings, I've often thought that you have the gifts to be a wonderful preacher.

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