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A Serious Profession

July 28, 2008 |

Is it true that we used to yell at each other from across a basketball
court in the old Suburban Conference?

Warren O.
Sibley High School

I attended Anoka Tornadoes basketball games, Warren, but did not yell as I was not brought up to yell and besides that I was there as a journalist covering the games for the high school paper and journalists have more dignity than that. It is a serious profession. I do remember other people yelling, especially at Sibley High School in West St. Paul and assumed it was due to some emptiness in their lives, some anger that they were not able to express otherwise, and that when they yelled across the court at us, they actually were yelling at their mothers. I didn't take it personally and you did me no harm at all. I hope you've straightened out since then, though.

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