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Something Solid to Kick

June 30, 2008 | 1 Comment

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In the Summer of 2005, you were at Marymoor in Seattle for a show. I took my 12-year-old for the night of her life. You signed a book for her and let someone take a picture. You were enraptured by her soft short hair and stroked it while the photo was taken. She often reported to others that you "petted her". What you probably did not know was that it was her "Chemo hair". She was in the 7th month of leukemia treatment. She has since fully recovered and now has "Get that hair out of your eyes, why don't you" hair. She has always been a great fan of your show and I do believe that some of your good humor, wisdom and irreverence rubbed off. Thanks so much and we will see you this summer.


I almost sort of remember that meeting—it was in a little courtyard in front of the old mansion that's part of Marymoor, and it had been a harrowing show because a stagehand fell off a ladder and fractured his skull and an ambulance came to take him away, which severely dented the evening. But the audience bounced back, amazingly. A horrible accident in their midst and then the EMTs were right there and people were shocked but we all sang a song about angels together and people's good spirits returned. (Last time in Seattle, at the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery, an old man died during the show, a beloved old newspaper cartoonist. He had been ill but was feeling up to seeing the show and came and then he collapsed. It was dark and he slumped down on the grass and emergency people came and took him away without any of us being aware of it.) I am so glad that your daughter has bounced back and hope she is entering her teenhood full of spirit which means, of course, that she will dump our show in favor of something that is truer to her rhythms, which is just fine. If we can't amuse the young, at least we can give them something solid to kick. But if you come to the show in August, please come around afterward and say hello.

1 Comment

You DO amuse the young, many of them, my boys included. They grew up listening in our weekend travels. Thank God you were there, so my Californian boys (and my Californian wife) could better understand how we tick, we from Minnesota. When you read Evan's sonnet on air, it was a peak experience for all of us. Amusement, but so much more. Thank you. BW

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