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Nose Pickin'

June 12, 2008 | 6 Comments

Dear Mr. Keillor
I am an elementary teacher. This year I have had the worst problem with children picking their nose in my class. No amount of quiet asides was helping these children break their terrible habit. The other night I heard your "Don't Pick Your Nose" song on the children's show. I played it for my class the very next day, and for a couple of days afterwards. I am happy to report that 3 out of 4 nose pickers have been cured due to your song! The last kid seems to be a die hard, but I'll keep trying.

Mrs. Green

Well, there you are. We got some scorching response to "Don't Pick Your Nose" from people who felt it would inspire an epidemic of nose-picking, but instead it turns out to be a cure. Nose-picking is semi-conscious behavior and when you make children aware of what they're doing and what it looks like, they're likely to stop. Or do it secretly. And children aren't the only ones. I have known men who semi-consciously reach down and adjust their underwear in public — or rather adjust the contents of their underwear — and it's rather gross. I don't think I'll write a song about it, though. Poise. Maturity. Gracefulness. We're all aiming for it. I have a terrible habit of scratching the inside of my ear with the endpiece of my glasses — it feels good but it must look awful.


At our pre-school we have a
"story-time" each year about
germs (like those that are on
one's fingers after nose-picking).
We talk about germs and put some
"fairy dust" on our hands, then
shake hands with someone else.
The kids enjoy shaking hands with
others to find out how many of
the "germs" are transferred (via
"fairy dust). Because kids are
not abstract thinkers,and
can't really picture a "germ,"
this seems to make an impact on
them;for awhile we see less
nose picking,and more thorough
hand washing,especially after
visiting the bathroom. We teachers
like to share info!
San Clemente

I am the Son of a picker
the Son of a Son of a picker,
the Son of a Son of a Son of a picker,
you see, is me
God created the first pickers,
Adam and Eve you see
the very first pickers, who picked from the tree
Adam and Eve picked, to please the me
they picked to please the me, rather than the Thee
a wrong picker, wrong picker, wrong picker is me
lifelong wrong picking, to please only me
till one day I picked Jesus, to believe
to save me from picking, picking wrongly
Yes, I am the Son of a picker
and what a picker is He
when I finally believed
that, He picked, you and me.

Could I possibley have the words to the song "Don't Pick Your Nose"? Also what tune is it set to? I don't recall hearing it, but I would love to sing it to my husband (hint, hint). See you in Ocean Grove!

Well, Garrison, Your glasses are by far a safer tool that the straightened paper clips my husband invariably uses! Don't think I haven't bugged him on that!

I use my glasses for the same purpose. really does feel good, although I am worried about slipping and breaking through my eardrum.

Konnichiwa Mr Keillor.Here in Japan we have a special implement for the cleaning and scratching of ears,called a "mimikaki".Basically it is a bamboo stick with a tapered curve at the tip-lovely...

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