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Inexorable Violence

June 9, 2008 | 2 Comments

Dear Garrison,
Listening to Guy Noir's recent escapades in Miami where he had to dodge flying daggers made me wonder what ever happened to Pete, the guy who was always trying to knock off Guy Noir ("Whadja go an hafta shoot me for, Pete?").

Greg and Jenny
Fryeburg, Maine

Pete was played by Walter Bobbie way back when about twelve years ago, as I recall, before Walter went on to direct "Chicago" and become famous and wealthy, and the stories were very formal, almost ritualistic: Pete came to the office with some sort of grudge and eventually pulled a gun and so did Guy and they both shot each other. Every time. They were caught in the grip of inexorable violence and much as they tried to avoid killing each other, they were helpless — "Oh no, not this again!" one of them said, and then shots rang out. I enjoyed those episodes a lot but we got some persuasive complaints from parents and other liberals and we switched to a non-violent premise. Guy hasn't fired a gun since then.


How about if he enacted economic sanctions against the people whom he once would have shot?
Then maybe he could post outlandishly mean comments on the alleged bad person's blog.
Another possible offensive maneuver: Squirt-ketchup bottles at 10 paces (it would keep the sponsor happy).
Violence is so bloody problematic these days.

It's very appropriate that one day Mr. Bobbie would direct a musical which contains a number
called "They Both Reached for the Gun".

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