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Winter Camping

June 3, 2008 | 2 Comments

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I'm 15 and have listened to your show almost every weekend since i can remember. One night in February I lay in a sleeping bag in the snow with the other guys winding up a little radio through the face hole of the sleeping bag and laughing at the joke show. Thank you for this amazing show it's a high point of my week and you can always make me smile. Thank you so much.

Adam B.
West Hartford, CT

I went winter camping when I was your age, Adam, and I'm glad to hear that young guys still do that. I'd love to do it again. (I think.) We didn't have down sleeping bags back then and I remember us Scouts curled up in a pile together, like malamutes. We also didn't have tiny radios back then—this was pre-transistor—and so we lay in silence. No jokes. Just teenagers thinking quietly about death.


What a wonderful testimonial, Adam. Good to see that boys still winter camp and that the younger generation enjoys Prairie Home Companion as much as us old people in our 30s do. Happy camping!

Thank you. One of our favorite things (or rather mine) is that i memorized many of the jokes from the joke shows (with voices) and tell them around our campfire at night, they may get old and tired but they continue to raise a smile

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