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What is a Rhubarb Show?

May 6, 2008 | 3 Comments

Just a general question about the Rhubarb Tour. How does the show differ from the "Prairie Home Companion" show? I want to take my kids and they love Guy Noir and Dusty and the rest. Just wondering if the Tour is pretty much the same as Home Companion.

Chris C.

The tour show that will go around in August and early September is a concert version of the radio show. There is some Guy Noir, but no Dusty & Lefty. There is Fred Newman and his sound effects, and the Guy's All Star Shoe Band and singer Suzy Bogguss and me—some duets, the news from Lake Wobegon, and of course commercials for rhubarb.


There's a band called Raised on Rhubarb out of Colorado who would be perfect on your show. Great musicians, who are also miners and geologists, and really great men.

You're all so good.
Thank you 600 times,

Thank you for providing me once again w/ a delightful APHC program Sat. p.m.
As I listened to the telephone " hold" w/ the robo-operator I found I was laughing aloud.
Perhaps the model for the monologue is the NWA phone flight info connection ?
Just a few weeks ago I was calling that number about a flight which a friend of mine was taking into RDU; it was exactly like the experience you were relating. I too was answering before the eventual
"after the beep" instruction. It's an amazing experience in non-communications - including the
" I think I heard you say........ "
Much appreciated as always....

We are looking forward to finally catching your show, so we'll see ya'll at the Santa Barbara Bowl this summer!

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