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April 28, 2008 | 1 Comment

my name is Kent, I'm visiting from Australia. I was put onto your show by a lady in Portland, Oregon, we shared an ashtray outside a coffee house and shared a gorgeous conversation. The thing is that I completely failed to ask her out when the time was right and the only way I can think to find her again is via your show.Her name is Alison, she has long blonde curly hair, she is a Jungian therapist. She doesn't believe in umbrellas, is proud of being tight with money, doesn't care much for fancy clothes but knows she looks mighty fine in blue jeans. She is smart, beautiful and charming. Her smile filled me with joy, her eyes saw straight through me without trying. If Alison wants to give me a second chance she can e mail me at kentparkstreet at, maybe join me for a coffee at Caffe D'arte one day?

In the name of intercontinental romance I hope you can get this message out to her. I've been kicking myself for a week for not asking her out, I've never met anyone like her.

Thank you, and thanks for the marvelous radio show,
Kent Parkstreet.

1 Comment

Dear Mr. Keillor and Company, I just have to tell you, I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM. Down here on the MN/IA border I tell everyone that will listen(and some that won't)! A trip to the Mn State Fair is a family legacy and I was so excited to see the MPR booth there last year(2007). I could've bought out the store. After alot of browsing and a ton of questions I settled on your Anniversary edition CD's. I share my CD's, but I can be an annoyance until they come back to me. One of the things I enjoy are the man made background noises. They can send me into a fit of giggles or calm me and at the same time recall/make some pretty wonderful memories. So, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. L Winter

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