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Bob Elliot

April 22, 2008 | 1 Comment

Post to the Host:
Thanks for having Bob Elliott on the April 5th show. Bob and Ray are two of the all-time greats of comedy. But, based on the amount of laughter, it seems many people today do not remember all of the great skits like Garish Towers and Einbinder flypaper. Maybe Bob should have mentioned the Monongahela steel ingots that no housewife should be without. I listen to all the old Bob and Ray shows on XM Radio. A great listen even after all these years.


Fooled you, Kjell. That wasn't Mr. Elliott, it was Tim Russell doing Bob Elliott doing Wally Ballou. Every radio guy of a certain age can do Wally Ballou, Bob and Ray's intrepid interviewer who was a consummate radio man, famous for his man-on-the-street interviews which you never hear on radio anymore. Ordinary passers-by, asked serious questions, as if they were celebs. You hear ordinary people on call-in shows but they're always rushed by the host, cut off, not given a chance to be expansive, which Wally Ballou's interviewees always were. Wally was the soul of gracious good manners. We impersonated Bob in order to honor him on his 85th birthday. When and if I ever turn 85, I'd be pleased if somebody did an impersonation of me.

1 Comment

At Trial Advocacy training, we use Bob and Ray's Komodo Dragon routine as a teaching tool to demonstrate the consequences of poor listening. Plus, I laugh myself silly everytime I hear it.

Kenny Wohl
Craig, Colorado
"I believe they're of the lizard family, are they not?"

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