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Nellie's "Hot" Dress

April 21, 2008 |

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I was shocked at Nellie McKay's reply (APHC 4/12 Show) to your comments about her apparently dazzling coat… that she stole it!
… You made light of this illegal act, an honest to god crime. I expected at least some kind of admonishment from you that she shouldn't do such things. Very disappointing.

Marion N.
Kenai, AK

I guess I assumed she was joking, Marion. It was a gown, not a coat, and it wasn't the sort of gown that I imagine there's a lot of demand for, so even if she had stolen it, I think the proprietor might have been grateful to have collected on the insurance. At any rate, we were engaging in some rapid repartee—she is very quick and smart—and I wasn't going to stop and give her a lecture about property rights. Or a lie-detector test. Not my job.

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