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Full Moon

April 15, 2008 | 3 Comments

I love it when you have the audience sing alongs. Would it be possible for you to do a few more of them this season? I remember one you did years ago that had "Moon River", "It's Only a Paper Moon", and "Bad Moon On The Rise" in it. That audience was wonderful.

Andrea A.

I guess I misread the audience, Andrea, and I detected a reluctance to sing, even a faint loathing of the idea, sappy as it is. Or maybe I was projecting onto them some feelings of my own from occasions when performers have tried to bully audiences into singing. I will rethink this matter. The medley you mention sounds like fun, if one were in the mood, and torture if one were not. But I must say that our audiences thrive on singing the national anthem. Every time we do, they give a stellar performance.


When the performer does most of the work, if not all, and the audience is allowed a great deal of the credit, how can reluctance exist?
The problem lies in the projection. Your beliefs create your experiences. If you change your belief base, your experiences will change.
Instead, you experience and collect evidence to substantiate your belief and what you have created follows suit.
Rapture has occurred. Why do you flabellate hell before you with projection and the illusion of control? It only staves creativity. It can be likened to the maugre of a writer's block.
-Say Cheese.

Thank you so much for doing so on this past show. It was wonderful. As an occasional event it's something to listen for. You made my evening!

Oh yes, the sing-alongs of old are sorely missed!
Please consider doing 'Tell Me Why' so my husband and I can cuddle on the couch and sing along once more!

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