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Guy Noir in Space

April 9, 2008 | 3 Comments

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Has Guy Noir ever done an episode in space (or sci-fi)? Because that would make a lot of Star Wars fans very happy.

Elliott Z.
Lincoln Park, MI

Guy Noir has not left the planet, to the best of my knowledge, Elliott, and I think sci-fi should be left to those who are passionate about it, such as George Lucas, and not be taken up by us amateurs.


Science Fiction was not born of passion for the Genre. It was born of penny a word pulp writers.

I think we need ,in these uncertain times, something akin to "Cowboys in Space". Richard Branson is building his Spaceport in the High Plains.

Ah, Mr. Keillor, you should remember - George Lucas was an amateur when he did Star Wars.

I love your show .I think it wood be cool to do a Guy Noir in space

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