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Arbitrary Deadlines

March 19, 2008 | 3 Comments

Hello Garrison:
Just listened to the Young Talent Contest Show via satellite here in Germany, which is broadcast, as are all APHC shows, on Sunday. Consequently, I found that all satellite listeners have been disenfranchised from casting their ballots in the contest. I think the only fair solution is a re-vote, perhaps sometime in June. Maybe Howard Dean can arrange funding.

What do you say?

Best regards,

If we wait for the Sunday listeners to vote, then we'll have to wait for the iPod people and then the people who hear the show via tape cassettes mailed to them by Uncle Harry in Scituate, and by the time we declare a winner the Young Talent will be Discouraged Middle-Aged Talent and the purpose will have been defeated. Life is full of arbitrary deadlines, young man. Get with the program.



It's not often Mr. Keillor misses the joke, but this may be one of them.

Gerry you may want to listen to the show on midnight European time over the internet on, last week even on 11 pm Saturday - live! This enables you to give your vote if you're not too tired.
Remember to always enjoy
- Martin -

I, as many - if not most - of the people who here post, am a long time fan of your's and your show. I would like to make a modest suggestion concerning your talent shows: as a fifty-something public radio listener who feels as though aging people are constantly given the short shrift in this youth oriented society, I say, to hell with young people - they have their trite American Idol; give us something such as a fifties plus talent show. It could give some late bloomers a chance to redeem themselves, and it would be just plain fun.



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