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Holy Week

March 13, 2008 | 8 Comments

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My thoughtful husband surprised me on Christmas with tickets to your show on March 15th . I am very excited about seeing your city. But I noticed that I will be there over Holy Week! I have been trying to be a better Catholic lately (its not easy) and I hate to think that I will fall out of God's graces if I don't at least make an effort to find a church in downtown St.Paul . We will arrive Holy Thurs. and leave sometime on Palm Sunday. Can you help me out? See you soon.

Marysue from Ohio

You can either climb up the hill to the Cathedral of St. Paul or you can attend Assumption, the old limestone church with twin spires across 7th Street from Mickey's Diner (where Robert Altman filmed the first and last scenes of "A Prairie Home Companion") or you can visit the little French church on Cedar, around the corner from the Fitzgerald. You can't miss the Cathedral — Archbishop Ireland made sure of that — and it has a gorgeous interior (recently cleaned) with the Seven Virtues prominently illustrated. Assumption is a grand old church. And the French church would be very very glad to see you. Both the French church and the Cathedral are the work of the French architect Emmanuel Masqueray, a slender dapper boulevardier from Paris, who spent the first decades of the 20th Century here and made some gorgeous buildings. The style was almost outdated when he designed them and so it was St. Paul's last chance for that sort of grandeur. After him, buildings got colder and blockier. Assumption is the oldest church in Minnesota still in operation, from back in stagecoach days. And if you want to hear the Mass in Spanish, you can walk across the river and get that at Our Lady of Guadalupe. (I think. But I'm not Catholic, I am pedestrian.)


Your problem shouldn't be in finding a church, but in doing the time travel you describe--isn't Holy Thursday after Palm Sunday?

I hate to mention this to Marysue from Ohio, but Palm Sunday comes before Holy Thursday, not after. If she arrives on Holy Thursday, she can worship that evening and then attend a Catholic Service on Good Friday and then attend Easter Services.

Pastor Dave Patterson

That's as good a description of St. Paul's downtown churches as I've seen, Garrison....and pedestrian or not, you surely can make the walk to Our Lady of Guadalupe where all are welcome, pedestrians and non....

Marysue, I think you are a little confused. Holy Thursday is the day before Good Friday, which isn't until next week. And I wouldn't be too worried about traveling on Palm Sunday. St. Paul is a cathedral city, so you could call it a pilgrimage. I hope they do it up right for you at the cathedral, with a big processional and waving palm fronds and hosannas. I can't think of a better way to start off Holy Week--and I'm a Lutheran!

I am not Catholic either, but I am fairly certain Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, March 16 this year, and Holy (Maundy) Thursday is the day before Good Friday, the 21st.

How kind of you, Mr.Keillor,
to give us a rundown of Catholic churches in your area. You might want to advise your interlocutor that Holy Thursday occurs after Palm Sunday and precedes Good Friday, so she doesnít observe all holy days twice, which might take away from the intensity of the experience. I canít think of a better place to start Holy Week than St.Paul.

I was going to post a pithy observation that Mary sue will miss the March 15 show if she and her companion arrive on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday to us Episcopalians.) That seems to have been well covered so.... Actually I don't think any of the other responders mentioned missing the show. Hmmmmm?

I was wondering if you are aware of the new Catholic sins - there are seven (you can look it up on google). Being obscenely rich I, thank God, do not have to worry about. We had a member of the KCs whose last confession was "Evry ting but moider, fadder"(sounds Irish but he was Italian trying to do Irish). Now I wonder what he would have said.

Have a nice Easter

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