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Hang Tuff

March 11, 2008 | 1 Comment

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I'm an old (84) WW2 veteran who can remember dancing to Glenn Miller and who played trombone in a Dixieland group after I got out of the Navy in 1946. I also wrote and published a book titled "Hang Tuff" about my Navy buddies and our war days in the Pacific. (buy now)

All that leads up to why I appreciate your brand of music on PHC, which I hear (religiously) every Sat.P.M. from 6 to 8.

Your show doesn't need a thing. Just keep on doing it as you do.

Robert H.

Good to hear from you, sir, and interesting to hear a vote for Sameness at a time when the nation is clamoring for change, but there you are. A show that seems stable to you, however, to me seems like a cauldron of change, the soup bubbling every Saturday afternoon during rehearsal, and us tossing more onions in, more celery, wondering if it needs some coriander, and now I wonder if we need to settle down and pay more attention to the tried and true. I'd like to hear Rich Dworsky play a solo piano piece every week, some old song, which Rich makes sing without lyrics, and I'd like to hear Pat Donohue do the same. And I like those Powdermilk Biscuit medleys we do now and then, where we hang little scraps of things on the line, the Minnesota Rouser and "I'll Fly Away" and "It's A Grand Old Flag" and the Dvorak Humoresque and the Mickey Mouse Club theme. And in your honor, I'm going to try to get Prudence Johnson to sing "In The Mood," the old Glenn Miller hit. A pretty sexy song.

1 Comment

Where IS Prudence? I've missed her and Jearlyn Steele too! The variety of music you choose is outstanding.

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