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Degradation of the English Language

February 26, 2008 | 2 Comments

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I was dismayed to hear the student in your Dusty & Lefty skit ask, "Where's your hats?". Where were the English majors on your staff when this script was written? Need I point out to you that "where's" is a contraction of "where is", and that the proper form of be for this sentence would have been "are", given that "hats" is plural? Please do not contribute to the further degradation of the English language.

Carl E.
Matthews, NC

You is right about that, for sure, and you knows it. Dang. We been nabbed again.


Would we rather the student said, "Excuse
me sirs, I see you are without hats. Where,
may I ask, are your hats?"
Geez, that would be weird!

The degradation has already happened-- that's just verisimilitude! Everybody knows that a real, live student would blurt out much more nonsensical things in class, without regard for clarity and coherence, let alone grammar.

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