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Let's Talk About Sox

February 25, 2008 | 8 Comments

I'm a colorblind professional platform speaker and communication skills coach. I went exclusively to all red socks when I turned 60 (I'm 63). the Sock Company out of New Jersey can no longer provide me with red socks. Do you have a source, suggestions? Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Love your work!

Thank you,
Howard B. , Jr.

Red socks have all but vanished from the retail world. I think that the Thomas Pink shirt shops sell them. The last batch I bought were from Illums, the big department store in Copenhagen. I was there last July and walked through and saw a burst of red in men's wear and bought twenty pair. Now I wish I'd bought out all their stock.


Mr. Keillor, Here are three links to places that sell red socks. The one described as Trouser-Knee might be women's socks, but if your legs don't resemble those of a body builder, they may work for you. The Hue Cotton Crews might be just what you are seeking. Some of the biggest tantrums I experienced with my children when they were small were catalyzed by "sock problems" (those damn seams!), so I know what it means to find just the right socks.

Red socks? Just look in the women's
I wear a size 11 shoe (as big as
many men) and have no problem finding
red socks!
You could say the socks are for a woman
friend, or be brave and say they
are for yourself!

San Clemente

That is where I buy red socks for my husband

Garrison and Howard, there are knitters who would be happy to provide you with red socks and custom fit them to your needs. Just ask us. While they would not be the very thin socks for formal wear, they are a nice light weight for winter. Since they are wool (no, not the scratchy stuff) they will keep your feet comfortable in all weather like no cotton or acrylic can. Some of us are knitting socks for soldiers right now as we wait for pages to load.

I'd imagine another option would be white socks and red (RIT) dye.

I was able to order some red sox last year from Land's End...

Bedllevue, WA

Very close to the Pantheon in Rome you'll find a no-frills fashion store that caters to the well-groomed ecclesiastic.

One of the sales clerks sold red socks, customarily purchased for the feet of cardinals, to a young Jewish literary agent from New York.

I'm thinking you'd probably enjoy similar service if you don't mind the idea that the tradition started as a solemn, symbolic reminder of the sacrificial nature of blood that the scarlet is meant to evoke.

Aren't they even available in Boston?

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