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Hang On to Your Biscuits

February 21, 2008 | 16 Comments

Post to the Host:
I just heard your latest show and you mentioned that Bisquick is now a sponsor. How do the folks at Powdermilk Biscuits feel about this? Are they pulling their sponsorship from the first part of the program?
And, most importantly, which product do you think makes the best biscuits? Maybe a taste test is in order at the local Fire Department Pancake Breakfast.

Liz P.
Chatham NJ

I don't give a rip how the Powdermilk people feel about it. They are relatives of mine, on the Powell side, and their product, frankly, is behind the times — Bisquick is Heart Smart, no cholesterol, zero grams trans fats — and nobody has the faintest idea what's in Powdermilk. That branch of the family made a nice peanut brittle at one time but their flour products are nothing to write home about.
Pull their sponsorship? I wish they would. They haven't paid us a sou in years. We carry them out of sympathy and because I have elderly relatives who would be hurt to see them go. Myself, I'd be tickled pink.
Powdermilk makes a decent biscuit if you like your biscuits heavy, but don't use them to make pancakes. One stack and you'll be immobile for the rest of the morning.


very funny it reminds me a lot of something you'd read in a Douglas Adams or Joseph Heller novel. love the program

Garrison, I think that this is the first time I've ever heard someone outside of my profession (I'm a medievalist) refer to a _sou_. I guess it just goes to show what a well-rounded and excellent education an English Major gets, eh?

Isn't that JUST the way? Forget one or two little measly payments and some interloper takes your spot !? Heavy? Powdermilk Biscuits aren't "heavy," they give heft to your day. They ground you. They keep you stable. Immobile? I don't think so. They are, rather, tenacious. Light biscuits make you flighty, twittery, and unstable. Who needs that? Are you going to brag on the dark stains on the Bisquick bags? I doubt it! I think you have sacrificed family feeling for filthy lucre. Shame.

Powdermilk may not make the best biscuits, but they sure have one catchy jingle! My son (who is now 9 years old) has listened to the show since he was a baby and loooves to jig to that tune! It would be a sad day if they ever did pull their sponsorship.

Powdermilk Biscuits, straight from the hands of Norweigan bachelor farmers, and one of the iconic products of the past century. And now you put it down because you're getting a few extra shekels from Big Corporate Behemoth, probably run by the 'Tommy Lee Jones' character from the great movie 'A Prairie Home Companion'? What is the world coming to?

I suppose that is suppose to be a funny responce, but I found it down right nasty and rude in tone. We love the fake ads - Kitty Boutique, Raw Bits, etc

With this weekend's guests the subject should be about beignets, or maybe should be renamed "freedom doughnuts" with liberated holes!

I'm with Linda R. I can't even imagine the show without the toe-tapping "Powdermilk" song. Nor can I imagine a catchy jingle that has "Bisquick" in it. Don't get me wrong; I love Bisquick, and have never tried Powdermilk biscuits, but it's all about the song.

I was disappointed and surprised by GK's response on this one. I fully understand the need for sponsors and the promotional consideration that they are due, but I'm surprised that GK would denigrate a beloved part of the show from the very beginning with a post that reads like the Bisquick PR dept. had a hand in it. I just don't want to be hearing about the Heinz Ketchup Advisory Board.

The answer could have been something like this:

We've had a very long relationship with Powdermilk, but times change and that's a good thing. Powdermilk's market share hasn't exactly been growing lately. As you may have noticed, it isn't easy to find Powdermilk biscuits at your local grocery store. Ralph still carries them, but good lucking finding them in a supermarket, much less the Super Mega Centers. Powdermilk just couldn't afford the exclusive sponsorship any longer, and so we made room for Bisquick. The world would be a better place if people baked biscuits more often, and pulling biscuits out of a brown paper bag just isn't the same thing.

Geez...seems GK got a litle carried away with this one. I mean, I thought the letter writer was just trying to make a light-hearted joke. Seems like GK thinks Powdermilk biscuits is a real company, and one he has some hostility towards! Take it was just meant to be a good natured joke.

Yeah, it's the song. I've heard it performed by some of the world's finest musicians, including my personal hero, Chet Atkins.

Besides, they're expeditious (mostly).

Montgomery, TX

Is that the sound of your name being scratched off the "Powdermilk" family's will I hear, GK?? C):-)

Powdermilk Biscuits have a very old recipe that has made them historic, enviable, yet somewhat infamous, because researchers have traced the concoction all the way back to the tombs of the ancient Pharaohs, from whence Alexander the Great, while learning warfare to avenge the death of his father, Philip of Macedonia, took the biscuit recipe, and made it a staple food for his army, while seeking out the Persians who had disgraced him, by poisoning his dad and blaming him. The army returned to Greece, victoriously, and sold the biscuit formula to the Romans who were visiting, and, since then, historians found that the people of Pompey, the volcano destroyed city, were eating Powdermilk Manna, as it was called when the volcano consumed them. Volcano hardened Powdermilk Biscuits have also been mistakenly analysed as the meteors from God that destroyed the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, near the Dead Sea. The Powdermilk Corporation has denied any such thing because they claim pagan debauchery could not be inspired by a traditional family bread mix, leavened or unleavened. The latest evidence that Powdermilk has gotten around more than is known by the average entrepreneurs dealing in culinary products, grocery stores, that is, is indicated by the newest Pizza Hut Pizza, the Crunchy Cheesy Crust, from Pittsburgh, Kansas, Plano Texas, Yum Inc, and the NPC, National Pizza Corporation. It is now understood that a numbered Swiss Bank Account owned by Powdermilk Biscuits Stockholders has been receiving residuals from pizza companies worldwide for the bread that is in their crusts, and the blend of grains, water, and kneading time that the dough gets, and also the patented, hand tossed, pan, and thin, dough, and the method of spinning the dough in the air to make it flatten out. Little Caesar's, Dominoes, Godfathers, Papa Murphys, Papa Johns, and even Pizza Inns, just dote on Powdermilk Biscuits as their traditional source of dough. Good luck with your switch to digital, and let us all pray the conversion of analog signals to cellular doesn't ruin the historic taste of Powdermilk Biscuits.

I did just mean the original post as a joke and thought it was a funny coincidence that PHC would actually have a sponsor that produced the same product as one of the fictional sponsors. Next, there will be Friskie's competing with Bertha's Kitty Boutique!

I didn't think GK was rude but I do seem to have caught him in a grumpy mood. I was hoping to get a chuckle out of him but I seem to have hit a nerve instead.

Ack! My spelling! Biscuit, not bisquit!

Both the question and GK's response made me smile.

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