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Dark Passage

February 20, 2008 | 2 Comments

Dear Mr Keillor,
My husband died three weeks ago today, and I want you to know that your stories touched our family very deeply. When my ten-year-old son and I drove to the hospital two hours away to visit my husband, we would listen to your audio recordings, which were very comforting. Now that my husband has passed, my son requests that I play these audiobooks at bedtime. Your voice has carried us through some very tough times. So, with great appreciation, I wish you well.


I am very sorry about this dark passage you're having to navigate, and wish you well as you continue, and I'm glad the stories could be a distraction for you and your boy. Sometimes the stories strike me as rather dark and I wonder if I am simply unloading some sorrows of my own on the unsuspecting world, but if a ten-year-old boy enjoys hearing them, then that's good enough. And if they put him to sleep, all the better.



In dark times, personal and national, you've kept the light shining.

I thank my God - or whatever gods there are - for the lightness you've brought to our souls.

No wonder youngsters like the show.


I'm 32 started listening regularly on Saturday nights two years ago as I drove from my mother's bedside in Hope, Arkansas to New Boston, Texas. My mother was dying of colon cancer that had spread to her brain and your show was a ray of sunlight in my otherwise dark world. I could find nothing in my own life to laugh about, but I found myself driving and howling as I listened to the tales only your show can spin. My mother passed away in April of 2006 but I still listen as faithfully as I can.

My entire family is going to see you in April in Hot Springs. I can't wait.

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