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Hello Dolly?

February 14, 2008 | 4 Comments

Every evening, i get into the peace of my car and drive for two hours and listen for the Praire Home Companion. I think you once hinted that, maybe, Dolly Parton would be on the show. I just don't wanna miss anything.

James O.
Oklahoma City

We've been angling to get Dolly on the show ever since forever. Chet Atkins was a big admirer of hers and we tried to get her through him, and Stevie Beck the Queen of the Autoharp, who is a Dolly fan, tried, and someday we will welcome her to the show. She can sing anything she wants to sing and I'll write her a part in a Guy Noir script. We'll even give her a dressing room with a mirror and little light bulbs around it.


Hello Garrison. Dolly Parton, not unattractive, as older females go.

Garrison, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed last night's show (2/16). So much talent and so well presented. And a wonderful tribute to a school that obviously deserves it. You've made my week for, what is it, 35 years now give or take, with a few intermissions. On Saturday nights I fix a nice dinner at home so I can listen while cooking, eating and cleaning up. Last night it was Chicken Tetrazzini, and it came out great. Something about fine performances begetting fine performances. Keep up your fantastic work. And come to Central Florida sometime. We'd love to see you again.

Bill C.
Winter Springs, FL

I second that! Dolly Parton is the most wonderful entertainer, she just sparkles. One idea - she's written hundreds of songs... perhaps she could talk about the stories behind a song, then play the song. Or introduce new songs she's written.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. During high school, an English teacher often quoted a poem that was very meaningful to me. I would like to know if you've ever heard of it, and might know the title and author? It began;
"Oh gift a gee, oh gift a geeus,
to see ourselves as eithers see us."
My wife and I have greatly enjoyed your sharing the gifts GOD has given you, with us and millions of other "GK/PHC" fans these years. We realize that it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort preparing for your weekly broadcast. We thank you and appreciate you.
Jerry and Marilyn

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