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February 11, 2008 | 1 Comment

Dear Garrison,
I've been a devoted listener to PHC since the early 1990's, and I was wondering how you feel the show has changed over the years, especially the show of today, versus the show of the first decade. Is it still the same show?

Peter C.
East Brunswick, NJ

In the first decade, the show booked mostly Minnesota musicians and there were no actors. My voice was higher and my accent was pronounced and here's a terrible self-consciousness evident, which makes it painful for me to listen to tapes of the early shows, so I don't, so I don't know how to answer your question. The big difference, for me, is that the early show was written on a typewriter and now we use laptop computers. But we don't look back. And we don't look too far forward.

It'll be interesting someday if some ambitious young academic decides to write the history of the show and answer your question. I'll be an old man and I'll read it with great interest.

1 Comment

If NPR wants another hit show, re-run ancient Prairie home companions from 9 - 11 pm. I like jazz but I might stay up for old cat songs and such. Bert

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