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Deadhead or Deadbeat?

February 8, 2008 | 3 Comments

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I just finished Wobegon Boy and Pontoon (buy now), and as fledgling Dead Head, I couldn't help but get excited over the Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead references in these books. I began to wonder, are you, Mr. Keillor, a Dead Head? And if so, any favorite shows or songs? Keep up the good work.

Connor G.
Apple Valley, MN

I loved their album "American Beauty" which has "Attics of My Life" and "Ripple" and "Brokedown Palace" on it, all of which I've sung (or tried to sing) on the show, but that album is not what any Deadhead would consider typical of them, so I probably am not a head, maybe just a Deadbeat. And I never tried LSD, the thought of which terrified me then and now, and marijuana just didn't appeal to me — if you hung around dopers as I did back in the ''70s, you were sort of impressed by the stupidity of being stoned, and I personally had no need of being any stupider than I already was. So I am a fan of some of their less Deadly work. Sort of like with Dylan — I like his pop stuff more than the Dylanesque.


You should listen to the Garcia bluegrass recordings. Old and In the Way fits us all after a time be proud of it.

For Christmas, I gave my wife a trip from California to St. Paul and tickets to Prairie Home Companion. Extravagant and crazy to go from 60 degrees to 0 degrees in the dead of winter. We just attended the show and wanted to let you know that it was better than we even expected; one of the highlights of our marriage. We have listened to you for20+ years answer and are continually amazed by your abilities.
I am sure that you get hundreds of emails/letter like this after each show, but we just wanted to say thank you. This is not to post on your blog; just the only avenue that I could see to write.
Thanks you,

Paul and Chris Meyers

I remember several (15 +/-)years ago a show where all evening the band played songs by Robert Hunter. I do not remember you singing. We are looking forward to seeing you back at Tanglewood-maybe this year you would join us for a drink on the porch of the RL Inn.

Jono Sexton

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