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Rich Dworsky, Of Course

January 29, 2008 |

Hello Garrison,
I have been listening to your program for a long time now, and have often wondered why no credit(s) has been given to the young man who sings the Ketchup commerical theme song? From my point of view he has quite a voice! Why not allow him to sing a song, of his own choosing?

Paul R.

That's Richard Dworsky, of course, noodling under the conversation between Jim and Barb and then singing the "These are the good times" aria, and you're right, he does have quite a voice. That was him doing the spoken lines in Nellie McKay's "Mother of Pearl"(Listen) on Saturday. He's good for an extra harmony part anytime and he's the Prairie Home cantor who does the Hanukkah and Rosh Hoshanah songs, but we will prod him into singing something of his own.

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