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Mother of Pearl

January 28, 2008 | 55 Comments

We received several comments from listeners regarding Nellie McKay's song "Mother of Pearl," (Listen) from her new CD, Obligatory Villagers. Here's a sampling of what our listeners had to say. Add your own comments here.

Post to the Host:
Last night we listened to your show which we enjoyed except for one song. Who approved the feminist song to be played on public radio? It was in very poor taste.

Sally M.
Fresno, CA

I've never turned off your show in disgust before but the young woman's satirical (I hope) song about prostitution and child molestation was not what I wanted to listen to or expose my young son to. He sang and hummed along with the basket song that she sang- I didn't want him picking up any of the song that followed. I was surprised at her first song- I don't expect Ani Difranco style anger when I turn on family radio programming but it was the one about rape that I truly couldn't listen to.

Megan B.

Dear Mr. Keillor,
It was so delightful that you invited Nellie McKay to perform her music on your fantastic show. Her humor, social commentary, and fantastic music combined to be a true show-stopper... Don't let any whiners amongst the audience keep you from presenting such wonderful lively new talents!

Thanks so much,
Don B.
Chicago, IL

I desperately need the chords and lyrics to the Feminists Don't Have A Sense of Humor song. Because I need to annoy my fellow University town residents.

All best,
David H.
Chapel Hill, NC

Post to the Host:
I am a faithful listener and great fan of your show however I was horrifed by the reference to child molestation and rape as a humorous event...Pearls song was right on in everyway except for that reference. How incredibly insensitive to the children who are helpless victims of sexual molestation and rape. If it were your daughter or son who was molested or your wife who was raped you would perhaps agree there is nothing funny about it. I believe you owe your listeners an apology. Turned off your show after the song.....still in disbelief that a person with your intelligence and understanding of the human condition would allow this to be broadcast.

Kay K
La Canada, CA

Post to the Host:
I've listened to your show for over 20 years, most weekends on both Saturday and Sunday - I love it! Tonight I went for the first time and it was great. Except the lines in the song about child molestation and rape (about feminists) were absolutely appalling. Would you have liked the song if your daughter had ever been raped or if you had been molested by clergy? The song would have been just as good without those two things - that made it disgusting.
Other than that, it was awesome!

Jeanette Z.
St. Paul, MN

Hi Garrison,
I loved your guest, Nelly MacKay, and am interested in her new CD. Can you help me with her name and that of her new CD.

I love your show and saw your movie which I also loved; your friend M. Streep is really something.

Best regards,
Haley H.
Lake Orion, MI

I was listening to WAMU (Washington DC) last night 1/26 at about 7pm and heard a song about "feminists aren't funny." I would like to know who the singer was and if/where I can download this song. Thank you for your help!

Michelle B.

Post to the Host:
We heard your show last night (1/26/2008) and thought the songs and entertainment were wonderful as usual. We do our best to turn on the radio and listen to "PHC" as it seems it is the last refuge for "wholesome" entertainment.

BUT... There was a shocker pulled on us when Miss McKay sung "Identity Theft". At the end of the song there are words which I do not want to type here but, please tell us that they were substituted on air.

We enjoy your show very much and even thought Miss McKay's songs were great! We do have a sense of humor. We are just thinking of the mass of other families (with children) that also listen to the show.

Signed Sincerely,
The Durons


I love the song Mother of Pearl, please keep it up.

Tom H.
Seattle WA

I loved hearing Nelly McKay on your show & the lyrics were right on the money. There is no reason that every show in the world should be purged for the ears of six year olds and those who can't "get" satire.

I only caught a bit of one song by Nellie McKay Saturday night but was so impressed with her voice that I googled her and saw her David Letterman appearance singing "Walking My Dog" on youtube. Wow!

I made sure to hear your local rebroadcast to catch the rest, and was about to post my first ever (and long overdue) compliments to you for finding such a gem when I saw all the negative comments. Wow, again!

You can still put me down in the "wildly approving" column (aka "heck of a deal" in Minnesotan, I believe.)

Thanks, Garrison, for a wonderful discovery!

Roger G.
El Sobrante, CA

Don't you people understand irony?

Haven't you ever heard men making rude, crude comments about exploitative sexual issues? She's making fun of those ignorant, insensitive attitudes, not of the victims!

San Francisco

Methinks some listeners didn't understand McKay's lyrics. Not surprising, for the lyrics are complex and ironic. But perhaps some will view the lyrics online and reconsider their outrage.

I thought that the much maligned song "Mother of Pearl" was absolutely fabulous- it make my day! Thank you very much for playing on your show last sunday, I plan on exposing as many people as I can to it. It is becoming apparent, however, that feminists are not the only people with humor deficits.

Dear Host

I listened to you show Saturday night (1-26) and greatly enjoyed Nelly Mckay especially her song Mother Of Pearl. I to was concerned about the children in the audience, but have often found that they don't get much of the truly adult humor in your show. But to those who question the humor I find it greatly humorless to continually hear many, harass and torment, feminists who work to keep those things mentioned in the song from happening. Feminists of all genders can have a great sense of humor but mostly respect for those most vulnerable to a violent male centric culture.

I just wanted to say that some of what McKay had to say in her songs was shocking, and quite a bit more threw me off balance. Both of which I appreciate on some level, because it certainly caught my attention and engaged my brain.

I applaud you for having the guts to have her on your show. She is a worthy songster - both in her words and the sound quality of her voice.

P. Fukuhara

I explained my position to GK in a Post to the Host, but for the benefit of those who read these comments let me quickly say that I did understand the irony of the song, and I would normally have enjoyed it ...

However, that kind of humor isn't why my Wife and I (along with my three children - all under the age of three) listen to the show. Isn't this a FAMILY program? Now my oldest son wants to know why I was mad at the rape song. What should have been a pleasant afternoon turned into me trying to explain to my son what rape is. Needless to say,we will no longer be listening.

I tuned in just as Nellie McKay was squeeling something about the Kennedys, and then she went on to sing about feminists with no sense of humor. It sure made this feminist hoot out loud! I was sure you'd get complaining emails about those songs, so I want to represent those of us who enjoyed them. Nellie McKay is such a unique singer-songwriter. Thanks for having her on the show!

Just another listener applauding you for featuring Nellie McKay. I'm saddened so many people have such knee-jerk reactions to complex lyrics.
I've always thought of PHC as "adult" in the best sense of that word. I do NOT look to PHC for dumbed-down, aw-shucks "family" entertainment. More satire, black humor and more artists like Nellie McKay will move PHC from when-it's convenient radio to must-hear in my book.

I really loved Nellie McKay's songs- very edgy and fresh. I always enjoy the musical artists on PHC but I LOVED her. I'd think we should see more artists like this featured on future shows.
However, I, for one, do not take myself very seriously, so I could be wrong. That's ok, I own it.

Dear Garrison,

I had lost faith in new music until this week's show. Thank you very much for bringing Nellie McKay to my attention.


She is one of the most distinctive, and versatile voices to emerge in music in recent years. Anyone who can sing Mother Of Pearl (as dryly sardonic a song as any) as well as Ella Fitzgerald's Tiskit-a-Taskit is special indeed!

Poo on those who wrote of turning off their radios! In the tradition of the great satirists, McKay grabbed the audience's attention with her opening ling "feminists don't have a sense of humor" and then walloped them with irony. This song had a message - it was meant to be listened to, not merely heard. McKay succeeded admirably.

I'll be looking for her CD on the link. I wish her the greatest success!!

Hey Mr. K,

As always, a fantastic show Saturday, and I even listened to the repeat on Sunday.

As for the whining parents...sometimes life just isn't nice...but it's still life. You'll never be able to protect your children from every evil lurking in this world. It just won't happen and, if you break your neck trying, your kids will never grow up. Then you'll wonder why they're still living with you when they're 35.

And, yes I'm a parent and a grandparent.

The agents of the status quo have made their own amusement and comfort above nurturing progress. Which is fine, because that is our privilege.

But by ridiculing feminism as humorless, they have been portraying the obstruction of progress as reasonable. What's important to the patriarchy is urgent, but what's important to the most vulnerable segments of our society is humorless. Good for Ms McKay for calling hypocrisy on this practice.

The urgency to implement progress often manifests first in the arts before it's considered for policy, starting with writers and thinkers, and disseminating into music. Good for Mr Keillor for staking some of his respectability to nurture progress simply by hosting great creativity.

I just want to know whether or not the words Durons wrote about were in the broadcast or not. I googled the lyrics to Identity Theft, and the second line of the last verse, which seems to have been replaced by a sort of squeal as I listen to Saturday night's broadcast on this website, could certainly have been the objectionable phrase. Then again, while it makes perfect sense not to include a phrase which you think is inappropriate to broadcast in your question about it, it makes it extremely difficult to figure out if it is the same one that was edited out.

What can I say, I'm curious.

I think it's silly that "Mother of Pearl" is the song everyone is complaining about. It's pretty obvious what that song was about and who it was a response to. I'm confused as to why people aren't offended by "Identity Theft" instead. This show makes so much of the fact that it has Christian listeners, characters in monologues who are Christian or at least go to church, and has had many Christian guests over the years. I quote now from "Identity Theft":

"If Jesus Christ is left in ruin, Satan, buddy, how you doin'"

Yay for the devil? You'd think that would upset this show's audience more than a song about how wrong it is to dismiss feminists as just humorless. I for one was sitting there thinking how great this song was and how much I could identify when out of nowhere, she brought Satanism into it. I'd like to believe that it's written with the same this-is-what-the-bad-guys-think sarcasm as "Mother of Pearl," but the rest of the song simply doesn't make sense if taken that way. Disappointing.

RE: Mother of Pearl:

Mel Brooks, a Polish-Jew, wrote an upbeat �song and dance number�, �The Inquisition�, about the horrible atrocities of Jewish & Muslim persecution in his movie �History of the World Part 1�. Nothing funny about a Jew or Muslim being thrown in a dungeon and having a red hot poker shoved up [somewhere unmentionable]. But I love that song!!

He also wrote another musical �Springtime for Hitler�. Not a whole lot of humor in millions of humans being �culled� from the herd. But yet, a funny play.

I�d like to order up a double dose of religious tolerance and make a song request. Can you schedule �The inquisition� to be played on an upcoming show?

Read the lyrics or download the song here:

Right after being jarred fully awake by Nellie McKay's performance of "Mother of Pearl" on the Sunday morning repeat of the program, I dropped everything and jumped online to buy it -- not just for me, but for every woman I've ever known. (Discovered several web sites also have the full lyrics.) That was such an unexpected and refreshing hoot, even for your perpetually entertaining and enlightening show. Bravo and thanks.

Phil Tardif

As a feminist and public radio fan, I absolutely think it's fantastic that you had Nellie McKay on the show. She is one of the few intelligent and witty female performers that is making it "big" today. It's nice to hear a fresh voice among all of the nonsense that's out there. That being said, her song "Mother of Pearl" is COMPLETE sarcasm. I think that the listeners who were quick to get offended need to do a quick google search of Nellie because she is absolutely smart and funny. She has a song about zombies! It's kind of shocking that so many people seemed shocked or appalled by what was CLEARLY tongue-in-cheek.

GaRRiSON, thanks for presenting NeLLie McKAY! she had a Fresh and ENLightening taLent...the song about identity theft had the most clever and raucously funny lyrics i've heard in a longlong time...says a lot about the current poli-sociaL situation we're stuck in! great voice too...thank you greatLy... i'm off to buy that aLbum...Peace!

" Feminists don't have a sense of humor..." and apparently neither to some PHC listeners. I do not think Ms. McKay was condoning any of which she sang, like many other supporters of this song have said, why should lyrics be changed for people who do not understand satire? If you are not informed enough to understand satire and the position of the artist be adult enough to concede that you do not understand it. Ms. McKay was not condoning Child Molestation she is indeed against it. Ms. McKay whom I applaud loudly for her message was using her song as a platform for the feminist message her song was so against, and if you listen to the last line you will notice that we find out that she has been singing in the guise of a right wing political leader.
This is a free country and I was under the impression that public radio was indeed for this sort of thing because where else but on the radio could this message be sent out to millions of people? And as a listener of PHC I have never really thought of PHC as a strictly family show since it can be bwady at times, which I love. Mr. Keillor and PHC Please continue to bring us the same quality programming you always have without bowing to a few party poopers. Cheers!!!!!

I tuned into your show via the internet the other day and was absolutely shocked and upset over your choice to let this song that pokes fun at child molestation and rape be sung! I can't imagine what you would have been thinking to approve of this . . . or maybe you weren't thinking!

I've been a fan of Nellie McKay since I first heard her on an NPR interview singing "Sari". Her complex lyrics and mastery of many musical styles belies her age and I look forward to every new album. I have long since thought she deserved a wider audience, though many may not "get" her often-satirical style. Thank you for including her on your fabulous show!

cannot belive that the intelligent listeners to your show took any offense to the powerful song Mother of Pearl. It was irony.
Powerful in its message.
from a feminist who does have a sense of humor and saw the poetic angst in the song.
Keep it coming

WOW! nellie mckay was fabulous!! i could hardly wait to get to the website to find out her name and about her albums. her song 'mother of pearl' was very thought provoking - thank you for offering us the opportunity to hear such a talented female artist!!!

At first hearing, Nellie McKay's song about feminists seems inappropriate for younger members of your audience. After subsequent hearings, I now believe it offers an excellent opportunity for teaching young men why the point-of-view expressed by the backup singer is repugnant.

If intelligence is the ability to comprehend metaphor and irony, we're in a lot of trouble.

I'm a young single mother. I listen to the show every week with my daughter. She loves all the music. We dance, sing, and clap along and have a blast. We loved all the songs by Ms. Mckay this week. She's singing about the world we live in. I've been a victim of crimes against women. I was not offended at all. I got the point. Just wanted to send my support of the show. Some people, i think, take life a little too seriously. We enjoy the diversity of the show. Keep up the great work!

My, my, some NPR viewers are taking themselves oh so seriously. Bring back Nellie McKay SOON!

I think that Nellie McKay has a beautiful voice and I hope you have her back again soon. As for the listeners who found her song offensive, I certainly respect their opinion, but I wonder why the shameful fact that many millions of poor women and children remain without health insurance fails to raise a similar protest.

The only objection I can find to Nellie McKay's song is that her sweet voice has you listening (not just hearing) before you realize the lyrics are cast in irony!
You said once that your "innosence was protected"; mine was also but not to the extent being revealed by those who are shocked and outraged at the lyrics of Ms McKay's songs. They have been trying to soften the world in which their, and our, children grow and we all live. My parents taught me to watch out for branches and low doorways above and rocks and shoes below so that I wasn't injured by something I didn't make myself aware of. I was comforted when I banged my head, but still responsible for being alert to my surroundings.
My point, I may not have made clear, is that like the respondant who said (s)he found themselves having to explain why the rape reference made them so mad; had not informed their children what rape is (theft) and more what its consequenses are (manifold for all of us); one of the points to the song.
The children of parents who appreciated those songs and the points they made will either learn from the songs or be too young to follow the words. The children of those who don't want the songs to be heard will learn more about their parents and grow up with a distorted world view.
Hope this isn't too disjointed.

The Jan 26th show is the first time I've seen APHC live at the Fitz. I absolutely loved it. I'm a long-time listener and sang along with the Powdermilk Biscuits and Rhubarb Pie themes, and enjoyed all the skits from Dusty & Lefty to Guy Noir. Nellie McKay and Becky Schlegel both have wonderful voices and I hope you'll bring them back soon.

As a survivor of child molestation I can assure you that the reference to it, and rape, are very disturbing to me. As a surviver of a Catholic education in the early to mid-60's, any movies depicting a nun as humorous and even warm character has almost the same effect on me. I'll simply never get over either experience nor will I find it humorous. As another person said, if it happened to you, your wife or child, you'd have a different opinion. I only hope that I've judged you correctly in believing you wouldn't use this for the press? I sincerely don't think so. You really should comment on the reaction.

To all those listeners who are ridiculing my angry response to the playing of the Mother of Pearl song on PHCthis past Saturday�

I am well aware how "not nice" life can be. I am also aware that the world is full of atrocities and disappointments that I will never be able to protect my children from. I know full well my children need to make their own mistakes and experience their own sadness in order to grow.

HOWEVER ... on a pleasant Saturday afternoon as I am home from work playing with my children and enjoying a radio show whose humor may not have always meant to be understood by children, but was always safe to listen to as my children were present � it is disturbing (and disappointing) to have a woman suddenly cheerfully singing about child molestation, rape, prostitution, etc � even if she is doing so in a spirit of bitter irony.

I am sad that I can no longer trust listening to PHC on my day off with my children. I suppose this is just another nail in the coffin of family entertainment.

I loved Nellie McKay, especially "Mother of Pearl" and "Identity Theft." Thanks for introducing her to us.

We always enjoy the program. As for the song that drew criticism from parents of young children, I'd ask why did the parents draw attention to the undesired content of the song? Why did the father rant and rave in front of small children? Its best to ignore something like that because the children are obviously too young to understand content. However they ARE old enough to understand when daddy is angry, which makes them question why. In other words, had daddy said nothing, the children would not have retained the information. They would not have been interested. Daddy is the one who made it interesting.

It was only one song, not exactly an entire show on the subject and, of course, the perceived "cheerfulness" was to make the point that these are not issues one should have a sense of humor about and it's those bores who say feminists have no sense of humor who are being condemned, not the feminists. Thanks Garrison for inviting Nellie McKay and pushing the envelope as to what is entertaining a bit away from the sleepy, sweet Mid-western nostaligia you do so well.

Nellie McKay is a gifted vocalist, composer and satirist. She also happens to be an devoted animal rights activist and vegan.

Her beautiful voice crooning harsh lyrics snapped me right out of my comfort zone- and I'm glad. Programming choices like this are why I listen & support Public Radio.

I don't believe the people expressing outrage are truly fans of this show. Any fan of PHC appreciates satire! (Remember "We're all Republicans Now"?)

Mr. Perfect-Saturday-Afternoon-Family-Guy...

Why didn't you just turn off the radio? It works for the television and the computer doesn't it?

I listen to PHC all the time and always mean to look up an artist from the show to learn more about them, but never do.
This time I did. Nellie was Excellent on so many levels.
I'm 48 MWM w/kids, but I still intend to buy this record!
thanks for having her on!

"I'd ask why did the parents draw attention to the undesired content of the song? Why did the father rant and rave in front of small children? Its best to ignore something like that because the children are obviously too young to understand content." -Julie H

Right on Julie! I agree completely. How dare that Father react to the unexpected playing of such a wacky and bouncy song about rape and child molestation as he played with his kids! We should be able to train ourselves to ignore things that we feel are offensive for the sake of art. I'm glad he wasn't warned ahead of time about the subject matter of the song before it was played. Good choice Garrison ;). I say play this song in a grocery store, a bowling alley, a Chuck E. Cheezes and damn the parents of small children that cannot smile and pretend they aren't hearing obout such terrible subjects in such a darn catchy tune! This man is obviously a terrible father. How dare he poison his childrens minds by not ignoring something that he had no way of knowing was going to be played.

"I'd ask why did the parents draw attention to the undesired content of the song? Why did the father rant and rave in front of small children? Its best to ignore something like that because the children are obviously too young to understand content." -Julie H

Right on Julie! I agree completely. How dare that Father react to the unexpected playing of such a wacky and bouncy song about rape and child molestation as he played with his kids! We should be able to train ourselves to ignore things that we feel are offensive for the sake of art. I'm glad he wasn't warned ahead of time about the subject matter of the song before it was played. Good choice Garrison ;). I say play this song in a grocery store, a bowling alley, a Chuck E. Cheezes and damn the parents of small children that cannot smile and pretend they aren't hearing obout such terrible subjects in such a darn catchy tune! This man is obviously a terrible father. How dare he poison his childrens minds by not ignoring something that he had no way of knowing was going to be played.

Those who were offended by "Mother of Pearl" clearly did not pay attention to the song, or did not take the time to consider what was being said. The song is in no way speaking out against the feminist movement or its goals. Much to the contrary, this song seeks to, through ironic humor, vilify those who oppose the feminist movement. This song does not make light of feminism, it just shows how absurd the people are who do make light of it.

It is interesting how artistic performances when carrying a message quickly disallow people to enjoy the performance itself.

Yes, Mrs. McKay has a beautiful voice and a unique approach to sound and music which should be heard and pursued. It should be carried on NPR for those reasons and those reasons alone. I don't think anybody is going to come to a teenage child on advice on how they should live their lives or a deeper meaning on right or wrong.

Thriller was a great album but I wouldn't let Michael Jackson watch my kids. I love Mission Impossible but that ding bat Tom Cruise will never be welcome in my home. And Nellie McKay songs are the perfect atmosphere to eat this delicious cheeseburger.

Thank you Mrs McKay and PHC,

Robert Morrison

I'm very thrilled that Nellie McKay was a guest on your show! Her music is wonderful and amusing, and such a wonderfully articulate and bright young woman!

As far as the song Mother of Pearl goes, I personally find it to be a wonderful song. And I find it very unfortunate that so many people are saying that they turned the song off right at the beginning because they were appalled. The song itself is CLEARLY satirical. It is blatantly obvious that the intention is not to promote rape and child molestation! As someone who is deeply perturbed by the prospect of such... I enjoy Nellie McKay, Mother of Peal, among her other songs, is wonderful. And why shouldn't I be? She doesn't advocate that. Also, the ending is so funny, cutting it off early is a mistake. Not to mention that as the song is persistently ridiculous as it goes the satire becomes ever more apparent.

Case in point: it's a shame people are having a harsh reaction.

Also, I must say... Identity Theft hits the nail on the head.

So, thank you sincerely for airing Ms. McKay's songs. It was a joy to listen to.

Please remember that Garrison asked her to sing it and he is the prpoducer of the show.

I missed a good portion of the show last week, but just got the chance to hear "Mother of Pearl" on the website. It's an absolutely brilliant song, and one of the few that I have heard lately that truly has artistic merit.

So many of the songs that are currently being produced are basically devoid of any substance. It is a rare occurrence, that I hear a new song that causes people to think and to react. Usually it's just "shake this" or "wiggle that", add some bass and you've got the next big hit.

In a time when the mainstream music industry is based almost completely on the image and marketability of the "artist", it gives me great pleasure to know that there are musicians out there like Nellie McKay, with the courage and integrity to write and preform the music they want to without compromising it in order to create a more commercially acceptable product.

As a young musician myself, (in my 20s, and entered in the talent contest!) it gives me great hope to know that there is a medium like Prairie Home Companion that real artists can still utilize to share there ideas with the world.

Bravo to you, Mr. Keillor and to anyone else involved in finding and booking the wonderful musicians who appear on your show. Thank You.

I guess I should not be surprised that so many people couldn't listen carefully enough to understand that this was a true feminist song. The same people would read Huckleberry Finn and conclude that it was a racist book - not one of the greatest statements against slavery and racism written in the 19th century.

I loved Nellie McKay's voice, lyrics and spirit the first time I heard her songs on "Fresh Air." The same day I went out and bought one of her CDs. She reminds me of an updated, female version of Tom Lehrer (I date myself.) I am astonished that many listeners seem to have been offended by her since it is fairly obvious from her tone that she takes the subjects she writes about seriously. In my opinion, the people who are typically most offended are those who like to pretend that such unhappiness (victims of rape, molestation) does not exist. On a lighter note, NM also provided some tunes for the movie, "P.S., I Love You," for which she also provided the title song. Personally, I am happy to hear a variety of music on PHC as I sometimes tire of country and bluegrass. But keep it all coming; it's a great show!

Some of the negative comments on the song "Mother of Pearl" are hard to believe. The song is a very clever and ironic bit of very bitter, black humor. If you think PHC should somehow magically shield your children from bitter, ironic humor, good luck with that!

I believe the negative comments represent a very small segment of the PHC audience.

I wasn't a listener of Prairie Home Companion until I found out that Nellie McKay was a guest. She's an extremely talented and gifted composer, singer and musician. Yes, Mother of Pearl grabs one's attention. It's a great song that pokes fun at the type of folks that would get upset over lyrics they don't try to understand.

There's a reason she's on PHC. Mr. Keillor, I have listened to PHC ever since, and was thrilled when you invited Nellie back to perform. I love your show and am thankful that you allow listeners the pleasure of experiencing truly talented people from across the world.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing Nellie back on the show!

The stir produced by the lyrics is evidence of lyrics well written. They certainly struck a nerve for all listeners ... some positive & others not so. From my perspective, quite often too many people take things at first glance - without making the effort to understand & therefore appreciate truly artistic gifts such as Ms. McKay's. Not enough individuals let their gifts shine as she does - likely too much constraint trying to avoid the knee jerk unthinking reactions of the people evidenced within some of the comments herein. Imagine that. Individuals freaking out that their children heard such a thing ought pay a bit more attention to EVERY SINGLE MAINSTREAM MEDIA SOURCE - especially TV & radio, let alone the internet - YIKES!!! Now that's disgusting - what we as a society have all allowed to become commonplace. Regarding the issues raised by Ms. McKay's lyrics ... rather than shielding children, maybe it could provide the very opportunity to responsibly address real life risks saturating our society daily. Establishing awareness & understanding just might help PREVENT victimization. Unfortunately IGNORING results in IGNORANCE.

Either way, at least we are fortunate enough to still have the freedom to choose what we expose ourselves (and our children) to. I know I am grateful for experiencing Ms. McKay's inspiring gift & look forward to sharing her with everyone I can & hopefully in person some day.
Curtis H.
Kansas City

"Offense" is purely a limbic-response, as should be as any rationalization and communication of doesnt garner its respect. If some are to be offended it is simply best that they walk away from, giving "Offense" the respect it deserves. Other-wise ranting about it is just encouraging ....

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