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January 24, 2008 | 3 Comments

I have loved your show since first tuning in back in 1990. For years I have loved the hilarious Bob Dylan parodies. (Especially once when he sang a duet with Jesse Ventura). Who is the cast member who does the Dylan voice? Is it Rich, Pat, Tom, or none of the above?

Turner C.
Magnolia, TX

Tim Russell does the Dylan voice as a rule, though Rich Dworsky does a good Dylan too, and I've heard Pat Donohue do him, but not on the air. Tom Keith doesn't do singing impressions, except for the late Harry Lauder. Fred Newman does a fabulous Barry Manilow, but Dylan pretty much belongs to Tim.


This is an honest comment & a criticism from the son of a Petersen from Minnesota. I reside in the not so free state of Maryland & receive the Baltimore Sun paper daily. They run your weekly column & I am a regular reader. I just have one question. Why do you feel it necessary to use the position that you have achieved through, what I presume was years of hard work in your chosen field, to attack a political party that you obviously do not agree with ? You certainly have a right to do what you want, but it comes across as fairly juvenile. I have gone from enjoying your column to playing a game of looking for the one liner badmouthing Bush or someone not a Democrat. I'm not pro Bush as much as I am pro the U.S. & whoever it's president is. If your goal is to drive readers away from your column, it's working. Thank you.

I was laughing so hard and missed my turn while listening to Guy Noir last weekend. My GPS was just about driven crazy!
That has to be one of the best skits I have heard for quite a while (and I love Guy Noir!).
We kept yelling "How true"..."Oh my gosh!"..."That is funny!"
Thanks for another enjoyable episode of Guy Noir, Private Eye!

Garrison: I really enjoy the sound effects segments on the show. But each week I wonder if the sound effects man is given any warning of your script? Do you ad-lib anything to trip him up?

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