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January 9, 2008 | 1 Comment

Dear Garrison,
First I must say that I am an avid and long time fan. Last night I attended your San Diego performance at the San Diego Civic. It was the first time I have seen you in person and I enjoyed the evening but I noticed a "box" that looked like a teleprompter on the floor of the stage in front of you. Is that what it was, or am I mistaken?

Gabby D.

It was a monitor speaker, Gabby. The Civic is a beautiful hall but acoustically a little dead on stage, or so they told me, and thus the monitor speaker. I have often been tempted to get a teleprompter, but then I'd have to figure out what to put on it, and that's more complicated than just improvising. So onward we go. Sometimes in circles, but more or less forward. Glad you enjoyed the show.

1 Comment

You're a beautiful showoff!


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