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January 8, 2008 | 1 Comment

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My wife and I enjoyed the re broadcast of the Miami show. The music was especially good. You mentioned dining outside at a nearby restaurant, just up the hill from the show. It sounded wonderful. Can you remember the name of the place?

Sandy W.
Tustin, CA

I don't, Sandy, but the specific restaurant and its menu wasn't the highlight — what was exciting was the whole gaudy scene along the marina, the Latin dance music in the distance, the crowd thronging along the dock past the open-air tables, the Spanish in the air, the youth, little kids up late at night, the hubbub of Hispanic America and "la pura vida" especially for midwesterners on a warm winter night. Maybe you had to have recently come from snowdrifts to be enchanted by it.

1 Comment

I'm not sure of the restaurant, but they were near the Bayside shopping mall, an outdoor mall in downtown Miami. It has several Latin restaurants (and a Hooters!), including Mambo's and the Latin Cafe. It was probably one of those. The website is And beware the parking garage - it is very expensive!!

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