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December 31, 2007 | 5 Comments

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On the Dec. 15 show, in introducing the Boys Of The Lough, Garrison talked about how he'd like to take a big boat loaded with friends and cruise (my word, not his) all the places the boys are from, reveling in the great music, following them on hikes through the countryside and visiting such cities as Dublin and Belfast. As a two-time cruise alumni, i couldn't help but think: could that be the next PHC cruise????

Peggy C.
Farmington, MI

It's a nice thought, Peggy, and I've been thinking it for awhile. A cruise around the British Isles that visits Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and maybe the Shetlands or Orkneys, with musicians and storytellers from the region. We can't do it in 2008 but maybe 2009. Stay tuned.


Oh, by all means, let's cruise the British Isles. As veterans of the Alaska and Norway PHC cruises, we'd be very interested!

Sign me up. I'm there!

My husband and I visited Dublin and Galway
(by chance happened to be at Trinity on
graduation day -- such pomp!), and talk about
going back often. But, to visit
the British Isles with the PHC crew -- a dream
come true!
Oh please, oh please? We'll send you some
California sunshine!
In the meantime, we're waiting for your
next Los Angeles visit.
Sandy -- San Clemente, CA

Uh-oh. Looks like I'll have to get a second job. This time I want to take my son along!

The Norway cruise was my first - I loved it. I'd sign up in a heartbeat for the cruise to Britain - especially Scotland and Orkney. Hope you decide to tackle this!

Stella - Minneapolis, MN

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