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December 31, 2007 |

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I'm wondering about the live Friday night not-broadcast performances, are they dress rehearsals with the same cast and guests? Any big differences from the Saturday broadcast performances? Also, when will the guests for the Jan 18 & 25 2008 performances be posted?

Sue D.

The Friday night Prairie Home show got launched as a dress rehearsal, a way to sharpen up the Saturday broadcast, cut dead stuff, try out songs, be able to rewrite. We don't do the Friday nights on the road, usually, since the crew only sets up on Friday and it would make for an awfully long day, but we do them at the Fitzgerald and in New York at The Town Hall, and they turn out to be a lot of fun. We include the Saturday guests if they're available. Usually the News from Lake Wobegon is different on Friday night and sometimes we'll pull out a favorite old chestnut from the repertoire but usually the Friday night is pretty close to Saturday's.

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