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December 26, 2007 | 5 Comments

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I miss Larry in the basement. Also I miss your misinterpretations of the French chef.


Larry was a recluse who lived under the Fitzgerald stage at the bottom of a dimly lit staircase and the sketches always started with me flicking the light switch and saying, "Darn, the bulb is burned out." He lived in the dark and liked to go online where he found a whole community of basement recluses. He had a cat and he had a big heap of resentments of me. It's hard to figure out how to develop a reclusive misanthrope but perhaps the light bulb will come on. As for Maurice at the Cafe Boeuf, the joke was about me trying to speak French and my simple phrasebook French being mistaken for English words. It was a small joke, not worth sustaining, but I suppose one could go back and repeat it someday.


Hi there,

Garrison doesn't need to be so abrupt in his response to the comments! It wasn't something requiring a response, anyway.

Since it was posted, though, I MISS LARRY TOO! So funny. And I also enjoyed the Cafe Boeuf skit. More so now that I have hosted a stereotypically arrogant French teen (boy.) When something works, it works, and these are good skits to pull out and dust off from time to time! The Reference Librarian still is wanting, somehow.

Best and keep up the good work!


sacre bleu --- I would think the ways to butcher French would be endless... return of Cafe Berf would certainly make my day!

This paragraph left your readers thinking that your construction of(both)gerund phrases disregards the rule that the possesive case is used as the subject of the gerund phrase.
I assume that I'm among the teeming millions who've made the same comment.

POEM kind of Guy,(Noir).


My husband Bud and I have listened to you, Garrison, for almost 30 years. Now we have our Saturday night suppers with you (on WUSF, Tampa, FL -- we live in Safety Harbor, and IT IS) and don't want to accept any invitations for that time because it is so special for us. They do repeat the program at 3:00 Sunday afternoon, but it isn't the same as singing along with you in the evening. The Best of 2007 program was just wonderful, so I had to tell you. I am not the best at using the computer so I have never done anything like this before. Never, never, NEVER stop doing your show!

December 29th show. What's the name of the "celtic" bagpipe band with a woman who sang her "butt" off? They're not listed in the shows itinerary............or did I miss it? Oh, how I'd love to know............jane leary. thanks!!!!

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