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December 19, 2007 | 8 Comments

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I have quite a few of your tapes and books, so someone asked me what was your famous "Christmas saying" (quote)... it eludes me.

Would you share it with me?

Lynette S.
Hollister MO

It eludes me, too, Lynette. "There's no place like home when you're not feeling well"? Or how about this—

"Craving only causes frustration, intense desire makes the object recede. If the game is really important, you're going to lose. If you're wildly in love, you're going to lose and you know it. The trick is to keep it from being that important. Be cool. Don't want it that much. Want it less. When you get to where you don't want it at all, then you're more likely to get it. And if you don't get it, you don't care so much."

Ouch. That one hurts, it's so true. The Zen of the Midwest.


Gee Garrison,

It sounds like "detachment" has
finally made its way East
of the Rockies. I thought
that was a SoCal thing!
Out here, what with earthquakes,
fires and floods,not to mention
writer's strikes, we live "for
the moment." Well, some do...
Mostly, here in South Orange
County, some of us have figured
out "the moment" is all we
really have. For us, it took
much of a lifetime to get
the message.
Sandy Gilman
San Clemente, CA

How true, how true. Just for the heck of it, I went bowling last week with a group of people I barely knew, and I surprised myself at first. But then the more strikes and spares I hit, the more I wanted to actually beat one of them, which meant, of course, that I started finding the gutters. On the last frame, all ten pins stood standing.

What is the name of the Lutheran Church in Lake Woebegone? Our Lady of Perpetual Responsiblility is known by all PHC listeners, but neither my wife nor I could come up with the name of the Lutheran Church.


How true... but also unfortunately how melancholy... Seems when we're young and stupid we're more of the "Path to Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom" ilk and as we grow mature and age and still are stupid, then we sink to the old "Young men dream dreams, old men see Visions" or "Those breasts are flat and fallen now..." and something about cursing some Bishop. So, like, what's the diff?!

Merry Xmas, Anyway!!!

Not so much 'living in the moment' but rather living without it for a moment, and then another moment, until you find you could take it or leave it. A hard lesson maybe, but it has its uses.

Merry happy new Christmas year :-D
From Utah and thanks for your joy!

"The trick is to keep it from being that important. Be cool. Don't want it that much. Want it less."

Don't know about Zen, but it sure sounds like the way of the cat. Miss the mouse you jumped at? Turn and walk away as if you never really wanted it anyway...

You want I should come beat up the people who put these vile thoughts into your head?! I am little...but I can take them!!

I was brought up to believe that I could do anything that I truly set my mind to-and you know what?-I still believe it to this day. Maybe being optimistic has its drawbacks, but I am 41 years old and most mornings I wake up excited to see what the day will bring. Not a bad way to live.

Go grab that daughter that you speak so sweetly of and tell her Daddy needs a hug. And then make sure she knows you are proud of her and she can do anything that she truly sets her mind to.

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