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December 17, 2007 | 1 Comment

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I can't help but notice that you frequently refer to a Scandinavian/Lutheran heritage. I am half Norwegian and 100% Lutheran. What are some common staples for your family dinner around Christmas time? My family enjoys Lutefisk and Lefse. My dad and his siblings think that I am weird for not salting or buttering my lutefisk, since I like to enjoy it plain.

Joel H.
Cedar Rapids, IA

It's your heritage, Joel, and I am only a friendly observer. I come from Scots-English folk who were hardshell Sanctified Brethren and looked on Lutherans as a social club with religious trappings. I thought I had been clear on the fact that I am not one of you, but sometimes in the heat of a story I may have used the first-person plural for Norwegian Lutherans, which may be due to a Brethren boy's hunger for acceptance. A weakness on my part. Enjoy the lutefisk your way and do not bend to fashion, Joel. The Norwegian half of you insists on that.

1 Comment

I used to listen to your show every Saturday afternoon when I lived in the States. I have been stationed in Japan for the past few years and I still listen to your show now that it is broadcast on the web. I was born in Minnesota and grew up around many of same type of people that reside in Lake Wobegon The memories that come back when I hear your show are wonderful. They take me back through the years and across the sea. Thanks for that....
but I digress... and since someone brought up the Whippets....I was wondering about the Devils or was it the Blue Devils. The girls' basketball team that renamed themselves. I know the girls must all have moved on. Any update on them?
I volunteer as a basketball coach and would love to find those stories so that I can have my team listen to them. Can you tell me the air dates?
Michael S
Sasebo Japan

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