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December 11, 2007 | 3 Comments

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What happened to the Whippets this year?
Thank you.

Sarah F.
St. Paul, MN

It was a rebuilding year, Sarah. The team played well and while their overall record was disappointing to us all, there were many bright spots as well. On his good days Ernie's knuckleball was still working pretty well and Ronnie made some outstanding catches in centerfield. Many of the games were a good deal closer than the scores would suggest. Wayne Tommerdahl hit some long balls that came very close to being extra-base hits. With a few breaks here and there, things would've been quite different. Spirit was good. With another good starting pitcher and some improvements on defense, this team can be a contender in 2008, especially if the offense is more productive. The outlook remains positive. We are not going to dwell on the past — we are going to look confidently to the future. Thank you for your interest.


It has been my experience that when the phrase "Many of the games were a good deal closer than the scores would suggest" is used in describing a team's record the team has had a very disappointing year and they are not likely to get any better anytime soon. I hope this is not the case for the Whippets.

With all due respect to Sarah, I would suggest rephrasing the question. Had the Whippets carried home a pennant, we all would have heard about it and gladly so. No, the proper question for a Whippets fan - for any baseball fan, really - is: "So how do the Whippets look for next year?"

The president of Moravian College and Seminary in Bethlehem is Chris Thomforde, former president of St. Olaf College, Lutheran pastor, and graduate of Princeton who played basketball with Bill Bradley. (pronounce: Tom-ferd)

Chris is 6' 8", bald, and wears a bow tie and a great smile. He might be in the audience and would be a charming guest for a minute or two--especially since Garrison would have to look up to him.

Dave Olson, former St. O. Regent and Lutheran bishop of the Minneapolis Area Synod, ELC

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