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December 3, 2007 | 1 Comment

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Dear Garrison: As I listened to one of your Christmas CD's yesterday, it made me wonder, what ever happened to Walter Bobby? His "Polish Christmas" and Scrooge were the best. Thank You

Judith S.
Lincoln NE

I saw Walter last summer and we sat around and ate supper and talked about theater. Walter is a busy director in New York and all over, famous for the musical "Chicago" which now has about sixteen companies working all over the world and also "White Christmas," and "Sweet Charity" and "High Fidelity" recently on Broadway. His performance of the Polish carols of his boyhood was a permanent high point of our show, and I can still hear those carols in my head though I couldn't sing them aloud. And of course he got his teeth into Scrooge and made him good and scary as Scrooge should be. What happened to Walter is that he got successful and happy, but if he wants to come back and sing or play Scrooge again, we'd be thrilled. Maybe an old Polish Scrooge......

1 Comment

Are those Polish Christmas carols available on a CD or download? I remember these songs from my grandparents (both long deceased) and I would love to hear these songs once again.

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