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November 15, 2007 | 7 Comments


After all these years of performing on live radio, don't you sometimes get worried that you will be so comfortable on air that you will blurt out something completely inappropriate? Or even worse, that you will start laughing at one of your OWN JOKES, and not be able to stop?

Cricket K.
Columbus, OH

I haven't gotten to that comfort level yet. You don't know how self-controlled I am. Very. The inappropriate things always occur in the course of a story. Violence to an animal, for example. I once had a man shoot a cow that he was trying to get up the stairs from his cellar. (Or was he trying to get it down from the upstairs bedroom where a practical joker had led it?) That drew some mail, and also the time when I had a man euthanize a cat by shooting the head off rather than drown it. Some people felt that was inappropriate, but of course I could always blame it on the character in the story. As for helpless laughter, that only happens in rehearsal. Martin Sheen played a weaselly fellow in a Guy Noir script once and he got the character so perfectly ---- and the contrast between that and the President on "West Wing" was so shocking ---- that I started giggling and couldn't stop. Like a 10-year-old girl. Embarrassing. But it all took place in a hotel meeting room in L.A. and nobody knew except cast and crew.


The PHC introduced us in Minnesota to Brian Bowers in the late 1970's. Time to bring him back on the show. We went to a concert in Red Wing last week and he is better than ever...seasoned with heart stents but still strong, and his latest album, Bristlecone Pine, is being played on "Saturday Morning Bluegrass". It is his best album so far...excellent.

I'm corn-fused! This will be the FINAL broadcast of the YEAR from Minnesota? There's still many days left in '07 - kinda, sorta. No more Prairie Dog Companion till '08? I'm crushed.

It would be my utter joy to hear you laugh like a 10 year old girl! Laughter is a wily beast, so the moments when it grabs hold and gives us a good shaking are some of the best in life. Always a surprising gift given at just the right moment.

Dear Garrison,
Turkey day is upon us and I need some advice/help with a prayer for that special time at noon on Thanksgiving Day. I would appreciate any words of advice or an old prayer that you have lying around somewhere. If not maybe guts and determination will get through that point in time.
Anyway have a great Thanksgiving and keep up the good work.


My family was driving back to town from a trip when we heard the story of the practical jokes and the cow up the stairs problem. We were hysterical! You really brought that story to life. My husband and I have three sons. Thank goodness we don't have a two-story house! Anyway, we would love to share that story with others. Which book and/or show can we find it in?

Phoenix, AZ

2007 11 20 PHC ROYALTY

Dear Mr Keillor and cast,

A Royal Complaint

You have referred to the yourselves as the 'Royal Academy of Radio Acting' in your edited rebroadcasts to Radio Eire of Ireland and BBC Radio 7 in the UK.

I have noticed that you now refer to the 'Royal Academy of Radio Acting' as yourselves domestically in the USA.

As I recall, I believe Bob Hope used to say that he left the UK because they would not make him king. What connection to British royalty have you not got to link yourselves to British Royalty?

Damned cheek. What?

By Charles Morris
UK [by the Sea.]

when garrison sings, cheerleaders stop cheering, when garrison sings, statues of guys on horses cry, when garrsion sings, hugh hefner hides in a monastery, when garrison sings released abu gahraib prisoners want back in, when garrison sings ALGORE wants to escape to POLAND, when garrison sings wild elephants want to join the circus and the zoos, santa claus gets suicidal and GLOBAL WARMING FREEZES! OYVAY, aaarrrrrghhh cant take this abuse much longer,,,oh the humanity!

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