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November 13, 2007 | 3 Comments

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Is the stagehands' strike, if it continues into December, expected to affect the upcoming shows scheduled for NYC? We JUST purchased anniversary present to me from my boyfriend :) I am an enormous fan of PHC and have never seen a show live. Here's hoping things are squared away by December 15th.


It's our understanding, from talking to The Town Hall, that they have a separate contract with stagehands and that Town Hall shows are not affected. And everyone expects the strike to be settled long before December 15th. New York at the holidays without Broadway is just too bleak to contemplate.


It is good the strike will not affect the NYC presentations of PHC; however, we CAN hope the writer's strike involving the "writers" of the stinkfest that's pawned off as TV entertainment lasts longer than we do. I've never come anywhere near the average hours of boobtube trancing engaged in by the average American, and my average drops steadily. In years past (many), one could be entertained by dramas (w/out gore), comedy (w/out guttermouth and/or juvenile bathroom humour) and news programs that delved deeper than the sad (and often criminal) misdeeds of the white house clown--by the way, President Cheney is in dire need of impeachment--or how many $$$ the holiday $ea$on is expected to rake in. Oh well, enough grousing for what was and what will never again be--I am so thankful for good literature and PHC & Thistle & Shamrock saturday nights!!

Seeing a PHC is so much fun it's worth the risk to travel to NYC. I too am a long time fan, and drove to Columbus GA last year to see the show there. It was just wonderful! Hope you go and all works out for you!!

Richard, your comments offend me. I am the wife of a hard-working man employed in the entertainment industry. No, he is not a writer, but he is certainly affected by the strike. He is affected and I am affected and so are our children. So, before you so make such off-handed comments in the future, you might stop and think about all the people whom the strike affects besides yourself. It is not simply about your taste in television sitcoms or "dramas" you pompous old poop.

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