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October 23, 2007 | 7 Comments

Dear Garrison:
For some reason or other I have just discovered the link to Mrs. Sundberg in your weekly emails concerning the upcoming shows. She seems too good to be true and I am wondering if she is a real person, or are you writing these comments and stories? The woman seems like she could be coming right from your homespun heart. If she truly is real, tell her I wish she was my Mom.


Maureen P.
Linden, MI

This is what happens when a man gets a reputation for creating fictions — people question every shred of reality around him. Well, I'm deeply honored that you think I could be writing Mrs. Sundberg's columns, but no, she is a real live person who lives in a small town in Minnesota, and if she seems too good to be true, well, the same could be said for a lot of Lutherans. We allowed her to take a pen name so that her kids wouldn't know she was talking about them, and I suppose that's all I should say.


Garrison, please no matter what you say I believe that Mr. G. Keillor and Mrs. Sundberg are one and the same. In my mind's eye, you are dressed in Mrs. Doubtfire-like clothing, baking cookies on a coolish autumn afternoon, with apple cider on the stove, listening to the radio show. Come on Garrison fessup, you are surely Mrs. Sundberg.

Hi, Garrison - I'm delighted to know that Mrs. Sundberg is real - I too thought she was an alter-ego for you or some other PHC staffer. Well, her columns are"not too bad", for sure. Love the show, Patsey

I, too, have recently discovered Mrs. Sundberg's column and wondered, as did Maureen P., if she was an alter ego of your wonderful imagination or if she truly was listening right along with the rest of us each Saturday. And you can tell her for me that I also "wish she was my Mom".

Dear G.K.

I have enjoyed you program for more than 25 years (including the replays during your Copenhagen days). I have never been as stirred and content as I am today with all things PHC, after reading Mrs. Sundburg's weekly contribution and "The Old Scout" story. As usual, but better, it's like tonic.


I too look forward to Mrs. S. I want to protect her privacy but suspect she was on the Norway cruise. I always check out the recipes which sound very good and the Bread and Butter Pudding recipe was very like the one I got from the Veendam. A favorite of many at lunch time.

I truly enjoy her writing as well. I was trying to figure out who she is so thank you for letting me know that she is using a pen name. I will simply continue to enjoy her column each week and let her private life be just that, private. I especially liked her salute to Carole King. We are probably about the same age. It was as though she had been in my living room and was taking notes!

Your entire web page is terrific! Thank you!

I just discovered Mrs. Sundberg, too, and am delighted that she is a fan of Riesling wine, as I am. I'm still chuckling over the beef bombs.

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