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October 19, 2007 | 3 Comments

Dear GK,
I have recently converted to a Lutheran Church from a lifetime of being raised Catholic. What advice do you have for a young man to survive the transition?


If the transition is difficult, Nikolas, slip away and join us Episcopalians for a Sunday or two. There are Anglican-Catholic churches where high Mass is celebrated with smoke and bells and plenty of bowing and genuflecting, and any good Lutheran can attend in good conscience. Christian soldiers can move from one regiment to another. I'm an old fundamentalist who turned Episcopalian and last Sunday I went to a high Anglican service in Baltimore and even (shocking as this may seem) said the rosary along with all the others. A first for me. It's a life of adventure.


Dear Mr Keillor,

I am one of the acolytes at Grace & St Peter's, and first of all let me say that it was a pleasure to have you with us last weekend. Thank you for your kind words about our parish. Second, what we were singing at the end of High Mass was not the Rosary exactly but the Angelus, which is three Hail Marys between versicles with a collect at the end, traditionally said in the morning, noon, and evening. The Rosary involves many more Hail Marys and other prayers. Again, it was a great pleasure to have you worship with us and you must come back next time you are in Baltimore.

Adam B.

An Episcopalian!
I was raised a Southern Baptist (my mother
was Catholic and my father Dutch Reformed --
somehow they thought Baptist was a compromise?).
When I married my husband (a Yankee from Connecticut),
I converted to the Episcopal Church.
I love it -- the ritual is comforting, and it's
such an open-minded congregation (at least
our's is, which is saying something since it's
in San Clemente, CA).
Our building is reminiscent of the old Missions
in CA.
My husband, Bruce, and I are readers. If you're
ever in the area, please stop by.
By the way, I do sometimes miss the old
gospel tunes -- small price to pay.
I listen to PHC and from time to time hear
them on the radio.

Dear Garrison Keillor,

Our daughters gave my husband and me the best Mother's and Father's Day, birthday and perhaps Christmas gifts. They gave us tickets to your Queen City show. Watching the show was the most fun we've had in some time!

You autographed our "Tourist" album. I don't think that you were aware that you were speaking to Lutherpalians. People who love and feel at home in either the Lutheran or Episcopalian church. Currently, we are members of Bethany
(by-the-brewery) Lutheran Church in Hickory, NC. It is a Lutherpalian friendly church, as our Pastor Dan graduated from Belmont Abbey College, a Roman Catholic college near Charlotte.

Hickory is one of the epicenters of the German Lutheran tradition in NC. Lenoir Rhyne College, an ELCA college is located in Hickory, as well as, three Lutheran churches within a stone's throw of
one another. "The Three Churches" as they are known are Miller's ELCA, St. Stephen's ELCA and Missouri Synod.

Is it possible to get copies of the Charlotte show pictures posted on your website?

Wishing many more years of PHC,
Laura Yoder Alexander

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