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October 18, 2007 | 3 Comments

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I was listening to your show in the backyard on Saturday while repairing a sprinkler head and my two little girls were busy picking up pecans, talking to each other, and suddenly, after the intermission, when the audience started singing the "Star Spangled Banner", I heard my children singing along. To this father, the sound of his children playing and singing happily can erase all the troubles of the world. I cannot put into words all that I was feeling in that moment, but I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Edward P.
San Antonio, TX

A sweet moment, Mr. P., and one we all recognize. My daughter's first-grade teacher Mrs. Ammerman had her class sing the national anthem, "America the Beautiful," "America" and "It's A Grand Old Flag" every morning as a sort of aerobic musical exercise, and so I've been listening to my daughter sing those songs for the past three years. Beautiful.


I was privileged to attend the taping of PHC
at the Greek Theater in LA last June. The high
point of the evening, for me, was singing
America, the Beautiful with the entire audience
(led of course by GK himself). It sent chills
through my body -- gave me hope...
San Clemente, CA

What memories this brings back. When my daughter was in a "self contained" (She has Asperger's Autism) first grade classroom, her teacher taught them to sing "The Star Spangled Banner" with "It's a Wonderful World". They signed "World" and held their little hands over their chests while waving flags during the "Banner". To this day, I cannot keep a dry eye when either song is sung no matter where it is sung. How priviledged we are to hear our children sing such songs as these!

A reply to Diane:
I am a pre-school teacher. These days there
are many books for children that are also lyrics
for songs. We enjoyed "Take Me Out To The
Ballgame" last week; this week we're learning
"It's A Wonderful World," and "This Little
Light of Mine" (a version that is multi-cultural
and non-religious). Miss Rebecca at the
Laguna Beach Library has copies of many of
these types of books. It's been my experience
that literature and music are most important
when it comes to teaching young children.

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