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September 13, 2007 | 23 Comments

Post to the Host:
How was it to be on the Colbert Report? He poked a little fun, but seemed a true fan. And what do you think of this kind of political humor?

Tom E.
Medford, OR

Mr. Colbert is a dazzling actor, smart, bounding on stage, bigger than life, and his TV character is a tour de force. An exhausting one to play, I would think, and a difficult one to keep airborne for a long run, but bravo for him. I think Mr. Colbert should make a movie: take his character and give him a family and home and in-laws and a day job. He'd be pretty fabulous on the big screen. For the guest on the show, it's a delight to be made fun of by funny people — and it's an adventure to see over-the-top comedy, excessive, brash, tasteless, the sort of comedy I never aspired to, being a Brethren boy, but enjoy nonetheless — and they were gracious as could be. That's the sweet part. A big hit show and a famous host and they're riding high, but he still comes over to your dressing room and says hello and chats for a minute. The writers come by and chat, though they're busy. Everybody having a good time. I liked being there though I have no idea how the little interview went over. Felt like I bombed but who knows.


i saw it.. and i can say you certaintly did NOT bomb.. unless bombing is a good thing (as members of military, the government, or the president himself might think)... in which case -- you were a direct hit.

thank you for ... being you. you're a gift.

Dont' worry, your Colbert appearance was just right, at least for me, here in Alamo,(cottonpatch) Tennessee. I love your red sneakers. Saw them 1st in Memphis last March, got my own for Father's Day. Wear them constantly. Colbert would look good in a pair don't you think, or are two enough?

I was embarrassed for you. Colbert was as insincere, ill-prepared, and snarky as I've seen him with others. Only caught the show by chance - not a regular viewer. The guy couldn't clean your microphone. You don't need him. Anybody who thinks he's funny doesn't buy books anyhow.

I viewed the interview on Colbert's website. I don't think Garrison "blew it" at all. I thought it was a good interview (even though I am a Minnesotan, I am not just saying that to be polite). I enjoyed the Formula 401 commercial but sexual or "potty" humor wears thin fast. Good natured humor lasts!

A class act. You are a better man than me.

I must admit, when I tuned in to The Colbert Report and heard the guest would be Garrison Keillor, I was a bit worried. Mr. Colbert has made mince meat of so many - Speaker Nancy Pelosi even warned her fellow House members about appearing on the "Better Know a District" segment of the show.

However, I breathed a sigh of relief when the interview got underway. Mr. Colbert was obviously a true fan and in awe of you. You got laughs and maintained your dignity - no small feat on that show!

So, no, you most certainly did not bomb. Well done!

The Colbert interview was great!!! My take was that Mr. Colbert was an obvious fan of the show, and somewhat apprehensive to apply his usual shtick of attacking democrats/liberals etc. Did you ever notice on the Johnny Carson show, how Johnny could not interview people he really admired without showing a bit of lack of self confidence.

I think you did just fine on Colbert last night. You didn't bomb, but you weren't as smooth as you would have liked. Let's face it, Colbert has got to be a tough gig -- he's a force to be reckoned with. You managed to look like you were having fun, let him make fun, didn't take yourself too seriously, etc. It's hard to do your thing, your funny stuff, when you are in his territory. It's like going over to another kids house and playing their board game, that they already know all the answers too...while they make fun of you.

Glad to see this posting. You appeared to be simmering in indignation toward the end, and as they broke for commercial. As for bombing, hey, your job was to flavor Colbert's performance. You did that well, held your own, maintained dignity, and reminded fans about your new book. How could you have done better?

We, too, liked your red sneakers! Such a wonderful surprise to see you! Funny though Colbert was, sometimes he doesn't use his opportunities..... this was one of them. After reading Homegrown Democrat, we felt that an appearance on Jon Stewart, given the trouble we are all in, would have been a better venue. You did not bomb. Colbert was busy being funny, and though he obviously appreciates you greatly, it felt like he was fiddling while Rome burned. Especially now. Such a dangerous time. Bush wants to keep our young troops in Iraq for political reasons.... and another 1000 will be dead and many more maimed before Democrats can get us out of there. So much pain to endure. We need your voice. Call Jon Stewart. sweat with the Colbert report...however, I prefer John Stewart. As for your appearance...never a disappointment. Clearly, Colbert is not accustomed to living the life of (say) a resident of Lake Wobegon (his life is stressed and plastic) and was not prepared for the, my friend, showed (as usual) integrity and character. Already purchased Pontoon!

When I heard Colbert say that you were going to be his guest, I thought, "Wow, when comic worlds collide ..." Whose pacing would prevail? I thought it was a nice mix of styles: he let you talk at least as much as he lets other guests. And I thought the commercial parody was really fun! I love your work and I love Colbert's -- I was glad to see that it went well, and I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it.

me thinks Mr. Colbert is being subsumed by his popularity and celebrity.

Great bit of swordplay between two pros. Colbert famously does not pull his punches and I felt that he didn't draw blood because he was unable to do so. You disarmed the man, he couldn't go in for a kill without looking like a jerk. And you didn't draw blood because you never do. Not your style. A wonderful bit of theatre.

Anybody who thinks Colbert is funny doesn't buy books??? Jerry J. must not know any graduate students.

Mr. K.
I watched the interview and I commend you on your careful response to Colbert(knowing he would make light of your every comment). I don't know why he has guests on his show when they are treated as nothing more than props.

Is there any chance that you will be on a more credible show?

I was surprised to see you on Colbert and I thought the interview was great! I will need to check out your new book Pontoon.

Colbert was in at least one movie; the film based on the Comedy Central show he did titled "Strangers with Candy"

I agree with some of your other fans posted here that Colbert is obviously a fan - he has mentioned NPR and your show upon occassion which is a sign of respect on his show.

It was clear to those of us who are regular viewers of the "Report" that you appeared to be having a good time and so did Colbert. His parody of Prarie Home Companion was good natured and funny and I really thought you seemed to be an honored guest.

I cannot imagine a circumstance in which you would "bomb" - I know I haven't seen or heard one yet.

Unfortunately I missed the show, and I regret this. Two of my fav people together?? Anyway, one of my left-wing blogs, who are devoted to Stewart and Colbert gave Garrison Keillor very, very high marks. Of course they are Keillor fans also. Not to fear Mr. K, you are awe inspiring no matter where you may tread...Hey, that's not bad...

Here's what I posted on ColbertNation.

Stephen has a lot of respect for Keillor and fell out of character because of that. Also, it didnít seem like Stephen had prepared by reading the book, even a little bit. The parody ad of Keillorís parody ads on PHC ó formula 401 ó was spot on and very good. Thatís what he and his staff spent their time on, it seems.

Both of them regularly put in 60 hour weeks and nearly always work over 10 hours a day (and make it look very easy). I think they were both a little off because they pictured they can ad lib and have established comedy personae so they didnít put much prep into the interview ó other than the parody commercial.

Beginning by discussing the weather, like some do in the Midwest, was a waste of time. Both of them know Twainís famous speech about the weather, but thatís about Spring in New England, not Autumn in New York. If there'd been enough time, Garrison singing "Autumn in New York" with Colbert would be a real hoot.

Maybe if Colbert is a guest at Town Hall in December they could do that. Or a Christmas Song like Little Drummer Boy. Keillor and Colbert's voices could meld with Tim Russel to hit some really solid chords.

Having recently gotten hooked on The Writer's Almanac and just seeing this venue, I was thrilled to hear you would be Steven's guest that night. You definitely did not bomb. I was referred to your writings by a "friend" from looong ago and have been amused and intrigued by all. I'm in the process of getting into Wobegon. Keep me reading!

I'm a bit late responding to this post but I think Mr. K is being gracious and kind, and I'm glad he felt the CR people were gracious to him before the show. I certainly didn't see it on the segment, and I felt that Stephen was ill-prepared and wasted a lot of time on the sperm bit that could have been better spent on the BOOK. I'm a huge fan of both GK and SC but the interview soured me on SC for a few days. I'll forgive him, but I wish there'd been a second shot at it.

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