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September 12, 2007 | 1 Comment

I'm sitting here at a bakery/coffee shop in Fayetteville, Arkansas listening to the broadcast, and it just occurred to me whilst listening, eating a bagel, looking through the pictures from the phc website, etc., that you have the best job in the pantheon of jobs.

Wrapping up the final year of law school here in the Ozarks, I'm hoping someone will see fit to pay me to do what I love, assuming I figure out what that is.

Maybe ya'll could come down here to the U of Arkansas for a show.

Matthew J.
Fayetteville, AR

My uncle Aldridge went to the University there in Fayetteville during the Great Depression when he barely could afford shoes to put on his feet. He came north to do his residency and there met my aunt Eleanor and courted her. She resisted at first and told him she would never marry a doctor and if she did marry one, he would be the last doctor she would marry. "And," he liked to say, "she was right: I was the last doctor she would marry." So I grew up hearing his gentle Arkansas accent and his dry humor. You are right, I do have a pretty good job, mainly because I've found other people to do most of it. The loading and assembling and organizing of the thing are all done by hard-working talented people and I lead the life of a child, amusing myself and making up things. I don't know how you could work into such a cushy deal yourself, but I wish you well.

1 Comment

...and if Matthew is as humble as
you, GK, he will probably have his
"dream job" too!
Sandy (San Clemente)

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