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September 5, 2007 | 2 Comments

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My husband, 16 year old son and I attended your wonderful show at the State Fair on Friday. It was my son's first time seeing the radio show live and it was such a joy to sit in the cool summer night watching him experience that. I wanted to tell you that I think you look really handsome with your new beard. Your look is so debonair, so bohemian, so dangerous. Keep it! And thanks for the great show.

Richfield, MN

Thanks for the vote of confidence, C.R., but the "dangerous" worries me — I look dangerous enough without adding to it — and also "debonair" and "bohemian" are not adjectives I strive for anymore, not since I gave my fringed leather vest to the Salvation Army along with the broad-brimmed leather hat and the flowery shirts. All gone. And as soon as I can find a barber with a straight-edge, this beard is gone, too. It was a summer fling, and now it's September and time to shape up. Instead of debonair, bohemian, and dangerous, I am aiming to be clean, amiable, and dependable. The beard doesn't contribute.


I have to disagree with C.R. concerning the beard. I wouldn't use the words 'debonair' or 'dangerous' (maybe 'bohemian' in the strictest sense). If I may be honest, it makes you look I'm sure you don't need a reminder of that. Lose the beard, yesterday if not sooner.

I for one am a full supporter of this beard. I find it stately and dignified; it gives you an air of sagacity.

Will our humble board be torn apart as members weigh in with their opinions on pressing beard-politics? Have the primaries started early, loyal listeners?

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