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September 4, 2007 |

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I heard a song on the State Fair show that was a tribute to an individual who has passed. You sang it with a trio of women including Patty Griffin. The song was "That's All Right." Is there anyway to get the lyrics to the song?


Kingston B.
Fallston, MD

The song was sung by Helen Schneyer and is on the last album she made before she died a few years ago. That CD, called "What a Singing There Will Be," is pretty amazing, you might be able to buy a copy here.

And the words to the song are:

I went down to the valley to pray
My soul got happy and I stayed all day
Since my soul's got a seat up in the kingdom
that's all right.

One of these days, it won't be long
You call my name and I'll be gone
My soul will be sittin' in the kingdom, and that's all right

Jacob's Ladder is long and tall
By the grace of God, I shall not fall
Since my soul's got a seat up in the kingdom,
that's all right

Some say Peter, some say Paul
I say the same God made us all
Since my soul's got a seat up in the kingdom,
That's all right

Those are the ones Helen sang, and then I added a few.

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