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August 1, 2007 |

Greetings, Mr. Keillor:
Your show has become a part of my and my wife's lives. For one thing, it reminds me of my formative years in the Connecticut River Valley. My wife and I just spent the day hiking through the woods of Sturbridge and came home, cracked open a nice, cold, locally-brewed Hefeweizen and sat down to listen to Guy Noir go toe-to-toe with poet Billy Collins in the hotel room of a struggling Minnesotan poet. That, to us, is the perfect day. Thank you. You have given those of us who feel rather inundated with the morosity of modern existence something to look forward to — Saturday evening at 6:00 on NPR — A Prairie Home Companion. Please don't ever stop.

Shannon W.
Warren, MA.

Glad you like the show and surely the hike in the woods does a lot to improve the show, and probably the cold beer helps too. I don't think about stopping. Did that once, back in '87, and it was a big mistake. Like driving your car over a cliff just for the experience. As for Billy Collins, he is a classy guy, in addition to being America's Best-Known Living Poet, and it's fun to write a part for him in a script — how often do you get to put words in the mouth of the Poet Laureate? Don't be inundated by morosity, though. There's plenty of high ground available.

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