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July 16, 2007 | 1 Comment

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I am interested in your take on the July 7 New Hampshire bank robbery where "a man walked in with leafy boughs duct–taped to his head and torso." How does the Duct Tape Council react to this sort of product use? To me, the most amazing thing about the whole episode is that someone actually recognized the individual from a surveillance photo. Perhaps he simply ran out of duct tape before his body was adequately covered. Now there's the real tragedy in the whole situation. Is there an impending duct tape shortage we should know about?

Richard H.
Boxborough, MA US

America is well supplied with duct tape, sir, so you can sleep soundly tonight. The factories in Bridgeport and Akron are running full–steam and our security forces are equipped with all the duct–tape they need. The man in New Hampshire was a bank examiner who was testing the bank's security system and specifically their surveillance cameras and everything worked exactly as it should, despite the camouflage. I am sure that he and the police had a good laugh about the whole thing at the station. If you're considering robbing a bank, I would recommend that you use a ski mask. It's the traditional way.

1 Comment

I have a ski mask made from duct tape!

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