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July 11, 2007 | 6 Comments

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"The state of American humor is Arkansas."
- Garrison Keillor
I'm sure you meant that in the most respectful way, bless your heart. Remember we've never elected a professional rassler governor.

Looking forward to your next trip to Hot Springs. Can't believe you haven't made it an annual trip.

Joe J.
Little Rock

Wherever did you find that quote, Joe? I don't remember it. I don't question that I said it, it just escapes me why I should say that when I had not even been to Arkansas. My old editor at The New Yorker and The Atlantic is in Little Rock, Bill Whitworth, and he never spoke of the state with anything but fondness, so it's a mystery. Glibness is the bane of humorists. We toss off lines because we like the sound of them, without paying too much attention to what they mean. I sure hope that quote dies a natural death.


The quote won't die while it's posted on the PHC web site!

"The state of humor is Arkansas"
1930's and 40's comedian Bob Burns, inventor of the musical BAZOOKA, would be pleased with that remark.

I've lived in Arknasas for the past 8 years, and I think the quote hits the nail squarely on the head.

No, Arkansas never elected a rassler, but they did elect quite the hustler a couple times and sent him to the White House, too.

Dear Garrison,

I am a Peace Corps volunteer doing agroforestry work in the Dominican Republic. The only thing I miss more than my future wife is your radio show. Just want you to know that.
Jake Browder

I had doubts about it comimg from you, GK. Fire the person that attributed it to you. No doubt they're from Texas. Probably connected to the vast right wing conspiracy.

Keith, the American people sent Bill to the WH, most of whom wish he was still there. Maybe he will be soon. Hopefully we won't send our most recent hustler, MH, to the WH too. I say if MH loses the nomination, throw him in the ring with Jesse.

Dave, what in the world did you do to get 8 years at Tucker? You should have asked Huckabee for a pardon before he left office. You probably need to move to DC to help Alberto.

Jake, como le va? venga aqui. Mucho arboles aqui. Tráigale la esposa futura también. Escuche PHC KUAR. Dios le bendigas.

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